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Koine New Testament Greek 30 Mounce (with Audio & reverse)

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Koine Greek Vocabulary - all words occurring 30 times or more (knowing this number of words will permit you to use the Reader's Greek New Testament from Zondervan). Tagged by the chapters in which these words are found in Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (BBG). From the deck by stephenandamanda, from which this deck was based off: This is a Koine Greek vocab set (unicode). It has been released for use with Bill Mounce's, 'Basics of Biblical Greek' (2nd ed.).The database was built with Bill Mounce's help and permission. It is tagged for use with his grammar and contains all words in the New Testament which are tagged according to frequency. Major additions with this iteration include: • Bill Mounce Audio for some of the words (with his permission). • Frequency Field for optional re-order of cards by frequency. • Sort Order field for ordering of Cards by Chapter • Sort Order adjusted so that lexical cards are sorted and grouped with vocabulary from the same chapter. • Some of the verb roots added to the cards. • Separate Deck created for additional study notes including paradigms. Find it by the name “Study Additions for Koine New Testament Greek 30 Mounce” If you are not familiar with Anki feel free to watch the following video. It also describes how to fix that font issues on Android platforms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD60xgZ-e0k

Sample (from 552 notes)

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Greek ἐπιτίθημι
Definition I lay upon
Form [ἐπετίθουν], ἐπιθήσω, ἐπέθηκα, -, -, -
Frequency 39
Sort Order 481
Tags ExtraVocab ExtraVocab-Freq=39
Greek πείθω
Definition I persuade
Form [ἔπειθον], πείσω, ἔπεισα, πέποιθα, πέπεισμαι, ἐπείσθην
Frequency 52
Sort Order 342
Tags Chapter=27
Front ἤγαγον (υ)
Back - Lexical Form and Root ἄγω *αγ
Back - Tense Voice Aor act/mid
Sort Order 308
Tags Chapter=24

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on 1624157110
I'd love to see more audio in this, otherwise awesome.
on 1615286874
Incredible work!! Thank you so much!! I've studied this deck with BBG 3rd edition and then went on to finish all the vocabs in it. The best tool to study vocabs along with Mounce's BBG.
on 1595790751
I just worked through Mounce's whole BBG textbook and this deck was a huge help for that! I highly recommend it! The weird forms cards and the inclusion of other frequently occuring words are a great addition.

After going through all the vocab required by the textbook, I only found one card with a mistake:
For the weird form card for ᾒδειν (υ), that form of οἶδα is in the pluperfect - not the aorist.
on 1589243861
Very helpful with audio
on 1586356970
High quality, but I prefer my own pronunciation recording, not for accuracy, but for making spelling easy by emphasizing every vowel sound uniquely.

These recordings have a tendency to 'schwa' that is, shorten unstressed vowels, which makes them less distinguishable when trying to work out the spelling from memory.
on 1585711701

The only downside is that I converted the deck to require typed answers. It works fine on PC, but on AnkiDroid the text output in the typed fields fail to display polytonic font correctly. Any thoughts?
on 1570066971
on 1568089513
Thank you for making this, I was going to type this all in for myself.
on 1533672764
Thanks! This follows along with the book.
on 1533096008
on 1512000000
on 1489622400
on 1487203200
on 1475539200
on 1450051200