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Ultimate Italian Conjugation

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To use this deck optimally, YOU ***MUST*** READ THE MANUAL. http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_italian-conjugation-flashcards.html (Spanish speakers / hispanohablantes: existe una versión española del mazo, el enlace está al fin de la página) In seven months, learn to conjugate Italian verbs in all tenses, from the present to the subjunctive past — all these tenses are used in Italian, you cannot afford blind spots. → Acquiring proper conjugation quickly is a superpower → You can even use this deck BEFORE you formerly start studying Italian → The deck contains 60 verbs, including all irregular verbs in the Top-50 Italian verbs → Irregular verbs follow patterns: sample verbs in the deck cover all irregular conjugation patterns found in Italian This is a carefully-designed deck, crafted and debugged over a long period. To get the most benefit, it's essential that you read the manual. http://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/w_italian-conjugation-flashcards.html Fixes, potential improvements: report on GitHub. https://github.com/boolbag/Anki-Goodies/tree/master/Decks/Italian This deck has been translated so you can study Italian conjugation from languages other than English. - Spanish (adaptation and translation by supervalino) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/464687840 - Geman (adaptation and translation by Jonathan Creed) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1637895544 - Portuguese (adaptation and translation by Eva Medeiros) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1647460300

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ID 02175
Front Ask! (voi)
Back Chiedete!
Tags chiedere imperativo voi
ID 00788
Front It seems funny that I should hear
Back Sembra divertente che io oda
Tags congiuntivo_presente io udire
ID 01573
Front Now y'all are worth
Back Ora voi valete
Tags presente valere voi

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on 1658632166
Even the meager amount of information I have gathered about Andy from the descriptions of his/her work and the responses he/she gave to the questions of others has been enough for me to form an idea about him/her that I look up to now. This competence and good faith are heart warming. Other than that the deck is a dream. I just wish there were French and German ones, but oh well.
on 1656738093
I used an earlier version of this in addition to learning vocabulary, I was able to talk with my neighbour, a native, within weeks.
on 1650010071
Many thanks for your work. I started using this deck after an intro course to Italian (A2) and have to say that it is a life saver.
on 1643837265
After some months you know the grammatical patterns pretty firmly. Nice with small visual cues, small enough to not make you dependent on them.
on 1641217201
Very good job!
on 1635172162
The accompanying manual on how to use the deck optimally is brilliant.
on 1633621212
on 1622232597
The deck is very well done, but it might be a little overkill!
Just learning one or two verbs very well is more than enough!
on 1620121431
on 1617710151
no reason
on 1615128170
No reason
on 1614628040

Note to all who are newish to learning Italian in order to speak at conversational speed with native Italian speakers:
Knowing verb conjugations/voices/modes COLD is far more important in Italian than in French, Spanish or German, which I've previously studied in depth.

This is because Italians do not state the personal pronoun (WHO or WHAT is doing the action, e.g., I, you, they) except as a kind of emphasis, akin to italics. So the only clue you have to who is speaking or being spoken about is to be able to deduce this from the verb form.

This is also your only clue as to whether the native speaker is addressing you with the informal or formal "you", and getting this wrong can really be offensive. In my experience, tu/Lei varies by region and generation; the "rule" only applies to extremes, not the vast gray zone. Further, in many cases, the same verb form is used for the imperative in speaking to one friend AND in the present indicative when speaking to a formal acquaintance. Again, getting this wrong offends people.

With apologies-- I haven't fully tried this yet, so in any other case I wouldn't rate it yet. BUT the format appears to be what I've hunted for, for years and had started to construct on my own. So unless it's actively bad, which other reviewers don't indicate, it deserves a thumbs up just for existing.
on 1610639269
Extensive…BUT!! Read the website linked! I failed the first time I used it, but proper pacing is important.
on 1609111301
This is the way verbs ought to be studied. I am looking for a French one like it. The closest thing is a deck that uses all the textbook jargon instead of an English translation for each conjugation. That is coincidentally the only problem with the 501 verbs books. No translation, just pluscuamperfecto, preterite, conditional, subiuntivo, blah, blah, blah... Nice if you want to teach high school or something, but for actually using a language, not altogether helpful.
Thank you to the author for this Italian deck.
on 1608594705
Insanely helpful!
on 1601634875
Awesome deck ! Thanks for your work.
I'm at the beginning of the deck and i struggle with a tense of "Avere" : it seems like the imperfetto is mistaken for the congiuntivo presente ?
Sorry i don't have a reddit account to point that out.
on 1596802760
Very useful. Knowing conjugation is an important part to language learning. Of the top 3000 most used italian words I'd estimate that over 1000 are in this deck. It might feel a bit like overkill but it's in retroperspetive quite useful. I went through the hole deck in ~40 day. From now on I only have a ever decreasing amount of older cards! I did every day 1 or 2 new vocs, so daily between 51-102 new cards. Reviewing was another daily 200(in the beginning) to 500 cards(in the end). At the peak I hit 1000 card reviews per day. (7secs speed per card btw, so not very fast) . I did many hours per day. The reason I went beast mode is because the recommended 7 month seem like eternity and as a life lesson push your limits and show that you can do things others think is impossible.
on 1592576190
Would love an English-Spanish one too, if possible.
on 1589800753
Very helpful!
on 1589355298
on 1588653854
This is a great method for learning verb conjugations. I like it, and I'm using it.
on 1587326310
on 1585625137
Fantastic deck for learning Italian conjugations. Even word stress is marked, which is often glossed over in books and other online resources. Just brilliant.
on 1582462460
Wow, what a fantastic deck! I looked at many apps for Italian verbs, but none were very useful. And then I discovered this deck. This alone was worth trying to understand that complicated Anki. This deck and this very clear manual are extremely useful. As icing on the cake: all specific Anki settings for this deck are included in the manual, so you don't have to discover them yourself through trial and error. Thank you very much!
on 1579877585
I was planning to do something similar and then found this massive, laboriously assembled card deck (with detailed instructions!). I noticed very soon when starting to communicate in Italian it is necessary to learn right away all tenses or you will be restricted by a 'baby' Italian :D Looking forward to this new mission of 60 verbs!
on 1578941471
Very effective way to learn conjugations.
on 1577540363
on 1575641301
Exquisitely designed deck. More effective than any verb tool I had looked at previously.