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504-audio, persian, all oxford dict. meanings, pi,syn,ant

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Persian meanings are carefully made! by 2 studious students of SUT

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English frigid
Def 1 a woman who is frigid does not like having sex2 literary not friendly or kind3 formal very cold 
Application cold , icy , frosty
Example The guard looked at us with a frigid stare.Inside the butcher's freezer the temperature was frigid.
Persian Meaning ۱. دارای میل جنسی کم۲. سرد ( در برخورد)۳. سرد (هوا)
English frank
Def             adjective1 honest and truthful2 to be frank spoken used when you are going to say something that is true, but which other people may not like           — frankness noun [ uncountable ]     verb     to print a sign on an envelope showing that the cost of sending it has been paid 
Application be frank with somebodybe frank about somethingfrank discussion/interview/exchange of views etc
Example He was completely frank with her about what happened.To be perfectly frank, I think it’s a bad idea.
Persian Meaning ۱. رک و روراست۲. روی نامه علامت پرداخت زدن
English dejected
Def unhappy, disappointed, or sad 
Example His biography related that Edison was not dejected by failure.
Persian Meaning مأیوس

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