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101 American English Superstitions

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Source: 101 American Superstitions by Harry Collis (Amazon) This humorous and informative compendium gives the origin and an example of each of 101 familiar superstitions. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id 101_AES_059
Section Section Five: Be Careful!
Superstition Killing a spider
Explanation Tradition says that it is unlucky to kill a spider. This custom comes from the time when the population of flies, which carried sickness, was kept down only by spiders.
Example A: I’m not going to visit my grandmother again until she moves to a new house.B: Why not?A: Because I hate spiders, and they are everywhere in her house. She won’t let me kill them because she says it brings bad luck. So no more visits from me.
Id 101_AES_024
Section Section Two: Love and Marriage
Superstition Protectors of the wedding couple
Explanation The bridesmaids and ushers once dressed like the bride and groom to trick evil spirits so that they would not know who was getting married. Later, the job of the ushers was to stand watch during the honeymoon. Nowadays, bridesmaids and ushers are simply friends who help the bride and groom during the wedding celebration.
Example A: Virginia, have you picked out your bridesmaids yet?B: Yes, I have. I’ve asked five of my best friends, and Bill is asking five cousins to be ushers.A: Wow! That’s a large wedding party.B: Maybe, but for such a special day we want all the help we can get.
Id 101_AES_076
Section Section Seven: Win or Lose
Superstition Looking over a player’s shoulder
Explanation If you look over someone’s shoulder while they are playing cards, you will bring that player had luck.
Example A: Go away and stop looking over my shoulder!B: I was just trying to see how well you were playing.A: Well, you’re bringing me bad luck. I’ve lost the last three hands. B: All right, I’ll go. But the way you’re playing, I’d be surprised if your luck ever changed at all.

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