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Hanping Chinese HSK (1-6)

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This deck contains all 5000 words in HSK (2012 version, levels 1 to 6), tagged by level (e.g. "hsk1", "hsk2"). Edit the CSS to control: 1. show Simplified or Traditional (or both) characters 2. show pinyin (tone-numbered or tone-marked) or zhuyin (tone-marked) 3. tone-coloring of Hanzi or Phonetic 4. tone-coloring colors Four card types: 1. Hanzi Question : reveal phonetic and meaning 2. Phonetic Question: reveal hanzi and meaning 3. Meaning Question: reveal hanzi and phonetic 4. Tones Question: reveal tones (in hanzi coloring, phonetic and meaning) The easiest way to use one of these card types is to delete the other card types. Clickable cards (Android only, and with Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro installed): 1. Every answer has a "Links" button allowing you to look up that word on various websites (e.g. hanzicraft, tatoeba, yellowbridge) 2. Every phonetic is clickable - Hanping is used to play the audio. Also, some question templates use a play button for when you should not know the phonetic 3. Every answer has clickable Hanzi - takes you to the definition in Hanping Other notes: 1. All definitions taken from CC-CEDICT. 2. All Hanzi includes a span for each character (describing the tone) Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro is available on Google Play Store. By replacing ".pro" with ".lite" in the card templates, you can make the links bring up the free version of the dictionary app: Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite. Change Log: 28/01/2018: fixed issue with Javascript on some Android devices 26/09/2017: (by popular demand) removed HSK tag level from card front templates 11/09/2016: Fixed incorrect traditional character in HSK2's 离 li2 27/07/2016: <undocumented> ??/05/2016: First version This deck "Hanping Chinese HSK (1-6)" by EmberMitre Ltd is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Sample (from 5000 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Traditional 轉讓
Simplified 转让
Pinyin zhuan3 rang4
Meaning transfer possession (to sb.)
Tags hsk6
Traditional 勤勞
Simplified 勤劳
Pinyin qin2 lao2
Meaning industrious; hardworking
Tags hsk6
Traditional 指標
Simplified 指标
Pinyin zhi3 biao1
Meaning target; quota; norm; index sign; indicator • characteristic
Tags hsk6

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on 1679084093
Starts at HSK 6 making it TOTALLY USELESS for a beginner who wants to see cards in a sensible order.
on 1643266031
The best HSK deck among all.
on 1631326166
Though I use this deck, I had to make a *heck* ton of modifications to it so it could actually be of use. Here's what I did:
-Delete the "Phonetic" and "Tones" card types. These are useless and only inflate the deck's size. What you really need are the cards that show the Hanzi (to translate to English) and then the English so you can translate back *into* Hanzi. Quality over quantity; you don't want to sink yourself into reviewing the same information so many times.
- Make an Audio field and get AwesomeTTS to generate audio for everything in this deck. If you're a beginner who hasn't yet memorized how Pinyin sounds, audio is absolutely crucial so you know what to expect in terms of pronunciation as well as how to say the words. It also makes the cards more interesting as well as helps your memory.
- Make a sentences field and make it show on the back of each card. HSK teaches a lot of words that can't be really used on their own, and have like literally twenty definitions. You should instead look up each new word in context dictionaries (I highly recommend Baidu Fanyi) and then copy the sentences and their translations into that field. This will not only help you read faster, but you can also learn new vocab this way (for beginners I advise getting the pinyin from google and/or audio with awesometts)
on 1629693797
FULL OF ERRORS. You'll need to check every single word in the dictionary, to make sure the flashcard doesn't contain the wrong definition. Some definitions are just outright wrong (the card for 修养 mistakenly contains the definition for 休养, the word for "geometric area" is misdefined as "circumference", etc.). Even the definitions that aren't wrong are frequently misleading (for example, the definition might simply say "motion" without specifying that the word only means "motion" in the sense of "filing a motion in court").
on 1629258767
on 1617103566
on 1609336052
great customizable deck!
on 1606696693
on 1602290399
Very thorough, and easy to change the settings (as a programmer).
on 1601538593
I find it very disorganized. Sometimes the front deck has already revealed the answer. This is not productive enough to study. There's no audio. Maybe there is add-on for it or something.

Tips: I removed the field, so I can only have simplified characters. Don't do the CSS. That is too complicated. What I did was a shortcut.
on 1599897653
Very well made! Good job. Thanks :)
on 1592765499
Excellent deck. Comprehensive and well structured. Thank you!
on 1591882118
Very well organised and customisable. The CSS is awesome!
People who are disliking this deck just don't know how to use Anki properly.
Since the cards have tags for each HSK level, I recommend to create filtered decks before starting off.
on 1591191677
Error in the template. When I load it, Anki reports the following:
Front template has a problem:
Found '⁨{{text:Simplifiedl}}⁩', but there is no field called '⁨Simplifiedl⁩'
More information
When I edit the template to remove the "l" it reports there is an error with the CSS.
on 1584366817
For those complaining that it starts at a high level, click on custom study - study by card state or tag - choose tags, and then choose the level you want.
on 1580846528
Very comprehensive
on 1575209687
Excellent deck.
small mistake : 一定 -> yi2 ding4
on 1572511160
Unorganised cards. Not really helpful to learn the language.
on 1564751694
This deck has been a massive help and it's easy to customize to one's personal needs. Thanks to the developer for putting in the time and effort.
on 1558729005
Great help
on 1553947226
compact, straightforward and ergonomic ... just as i like it ! thank you op !
on 1552960265
Comprehensive deck of a very high quality.
on 1550760615
Hey guys,

I just downloaded this deck, which is really good in my opinion.
Thank you a lot btw.
I modified it a bit. I just wanted to be asked about the pinyin -> meaning and meaning -> pinyin.
Now i have the pronounciation question and the meaning question as card types left.

The problem is still, the deck is just asking me in one direction from pinyin (front card) to meaning (back card). What can I do to be asked in both directions?
Both card types exist already, but just one is applied. What do I have to do? What do I miss?
Is there any help please????
on 1549470809
well done
on 1544698645
Starts at advanced level.
on 1541846284
on 1540382692
Very helpful and organized.
on 1537484815
Great study resource
on 1535573925
Seems like a comprehensive deck. Kind of annoying that you're supposed to delete stuff to get certain levels, though.
on 1531407625
This deck is great, I've been using it to study now for months. The functionality on AnkiDroid is great, and its integration with the Hanping dictionary is about as good as it gets. I strongly suggest you don't actually study directly from this deck, otherwise it will be waaay to much all at once. Instead, you should make a second deck manually that you actually study from, and import cards from this deck as you want to learn them.
on 1520985600
The deck is super organized!
on 1520812800
Cards start off at advanced level, poorly organized.
on 1520121600
Well done deck
on 1511049600
Very easy to study :-)
on 1510617600
Excellent exhaustive compilation of HSK cards and different card types. Clean and nice-looking CSS to boot.

The changes I made:
- deleted 'Pronunciation Question' card type (irl, without context there's too many collisions of identical pronunciations)
- navigated to 'hsk1' tag in 'Browse' and 'Repositioned' with both 'Randomize order' and 'Shift position of existing cards' checked
- repeated process with 'hsk2' - 'hsk6' tags, setting the start count to the end count + 1 of the previous tag
on 1504656000
Excellent deck...two questions/suggestions

Excellent deck. I'm using it to review/retain my Chinese vocabulary. Two suggestions: 1. I agree with another reviewer that the inclusion of the HSK level tag is distracting on the front of the card. Can you remove this or explain how to do so in the deck notes? I'm not advanced enough at editing the style sheet to do it myself. 2. For some reason my deck is starting me with HSK level 6 words. I was hoping that it would start with level 1 and proceed up to level 6. Maybe I just don't know how to use Anki well enough to make this change myself. For the time being, I've set it to show me words in a random order to I'll see words of varying level and let SRS sort out what I know and don't know. Aside from these issues - fantastic deck, the best I've seen for Chinese on here.
on 1500076800
on 1499212800
on 1496016000
on 1490140800
on 1488412800

Great deck for single word vocabulary study, as long as you are willing to spend 5 minutes editing the css to have the options you want.
I also added pronunciation with the addon awesomeTTS
on 1486080000
on 1485475200
on 1485388800
on 1485388800
on 1485388800
Extremely well designed

Love the way it supports simplified, traditional, pinyin and jyutping yet still maintains a small size. Integration with Hanping is superb, with audio and easy lookups and starring.
on 1478563200
If you need help - Please visit AnkiForum.com

Ask Questions on AnkiForum.com if you need help
on 1475884800
Poorly designed

Badly laid out, badly designed, tries to be too many things at once, leaving the onus on the user to tidy through the mess and turn it into something that works for them (just look at the other comments from people struggling to adapt the deck to what they need). The presence of the HSK level on each card is also distracting and totally unnecessary. Much easier to just find and use a different deck.
on 1475798400
Awesome HSK Chinese deck

can kindly help how to make the default word in TRADITIONAL CHINESE for both front and back of the card instead of the SIMPLIFIED CHINESE.

many thanks
on 1471392000
on 1470182400
Pretty good

I've really enjoyed using this deck so far.
on 1469577600
Reply to previous comment

The easiest way to use one of the card types is to delete the other card types.
on 1469059200
Hanping Chinese

Your main page says you can select a deck that presents pinyin and asks for the rest of the data, but for the love of God I just can't find how do you select such a deck. Do you have to edit CSS files to do it? Thanks in advance for your answer.
on 1467936000
Awesome deck!

The best deck to learn Mandarim, both Simplified and Traditional. And it's customizable!
on 1467590400
on 1465948800
on 1464998400
on 1463875200
The best complete HSK deck

Beautiful and functional. Love the integration with Hanping Dictionary.