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GRE Words (Common and Basic)

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These are a collection of 650 GRE words with definitions and example sentences.

Sample (from 650 notes)

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Front insolent
Back adjective: rude and arrogantLilian could not help herself from being insolent, commenting that the Queen's shoes were showing too much toe.
Front mundane
Back adjective: repetitive and boring; not spiritualNancy found doing dishes a thorougly mundane task, although Peter found a kind of Zen pleasure in the chore.adjective: relating to the ordinary worldThough we think of the pope as someone always dealing in holy matters, he is also concerned with mundane events, such as deciding when to set his alarm each morning.
Front soporific
Back adjective: inducing mental lethargy; sleep inducingAlthough the professor is brilliant, his bland monotone gives his lectures a soporific effect.

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