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Basic statistical terms and intuition

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Basic statistical terms, including linear regression, independence, and causality. In general, this deck focuses on intuition over equations. You can find more info about this deck as well as the major sources here: http://andrewtmckenzie.com/sr/

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Front In a t-test, are the two compared populations assumed to follow a normal distribution?
Back yes
Tags stat
Front What does it mean to center the columns of a matrix?
Back to subtract the column mean from each entry of a column (http://stat.ethz.ch/R-manual/R-devel/library/base/html/scale.html)
Tags stat
Front In k-fold cross validation, what does a "fold" refer to?
Back a randomly chosen, equally-sized subset of the data (Shalizi 3.4)
Tags SHLZ stat

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Fantastic coverage of basic stats concepts, clear cards with many good references provided.
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Thoroughly and accurate flashcards on several topics in statistics
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