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Anno's Korean TTMIK Deck with audio

7.33MB. 123 audio & 0 images. Updated 2012-09-24.
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Sentences with audio from Korean TTMIK lessons. This deck includes sentences from: Level 8 Lesson 3, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28. Level 7, Lesson 18, 23, 26. Level 6, Lesson 28. For more resources or information about my language study feel free to go to my language learning blog -- Acquiring Korean Language Blog This deck will continue to be updated so keep checking for more sentences. Lots of fun learning material can be found also at Talk To Me In Korean. Questions/Comments: hanguageohakseng@gmail.com

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Front 때에 따라서 달라요.
Back It depends on the time.
Tags level6lesson28
Front 집에다가 두고 왔어요
Back i left it at home.
Tags level7lesson26
Front 유명하다는데요.
Back He is saying that she’s famous.
Tags level7lesson18

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A nice addition to my Korean studies :) tysm!
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Good sentences with good audio.
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on 1586423581
Thank you for your sources.
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thanks for sharing
on 1579636142
Nice and simple. Works great.
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