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Kanji Radical (Primitive) + NonKangxi Radicals + Position

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Modification of this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1044119361 Contains the 214 Kanji Radicals List from Kangxi and contains the other kanji radicals not included in the list that can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_kanji_radicals_by_stroke_count#Kanji_radicals_not_recognized_by_Kangxi Also added Radical Position cards (more info below). Has Tags: Radical Kangxi NonKangxi Position For those that don't like the order of the original deck, you can go to browse then sort it by the radical number then select all then reposition so you can have it by stroke order: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_kanji_radicals_by_stroke_count Did the edits found on a comment from the original deck. Also point of interest from the commenter: Some other points of interest: The name of a radical can change depending on its position. It's worth learning the names of the positions first, so you can start to put things together when you see them. I added the following cards to this deck: 偏;偏[へん];left-hand radical of a character​ 冠;冠[かんむり];top radical of a kanji (crown) 垂;垂[たれ];kanji radical enclosing the top-left corner of a character 旁;旁[つくり];right-hand radical of a character 構;構[かまえ];kanji enclosure type radical (must enclose at least two sides of the kanji) 繞;繞[にょう];kanji radical that runs from the left to the bottom part of the kanji; kanji enclosure-type radical 脚;脚[あし];bottom kanji radical (but most names don't have this in it, except for ひと*) To which I might add: 頭;頭[かしら];top structural component of a kanji​ So then when you look at a card like 人, you can make the following connections: 亻(にんべん) - only applies when this radical is on the left、𠆢 (ひとやね) - やね means roof so this goes on the top 忄 (りっしんべん) - only applies when this radical is on the left And when you see 〜がしら in a name, you know it has to go on top. 刂 (りっとう) is a notable outlier so you just have to know that りっとう only applies to 刂. Hope you all enjoy! Support me: Buy me a coffee

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Radical Number 254
Numbers of Stroke 12
Meaning Variant of 无
Tags NonKangxi Radical
Radical Number 116
Numbers of Stroke 5
Example 空突窅窘窩窶竇
Meaning cave
Reading あな・あなかんむり
Tags Kangxi Radical
Radical Number 160
Numbers of Stroke 7
Example 辜辟辣辦辨
Meaning spicy, bitter
Reading からい
Tags Kangxi Radical

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Lots of improvements from the other deck. Thanks for this.