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Ignore accents in browser search

<10kB. Updated 2020-11-28.
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- This add-on had to be reworked in response to major changes to the internals of Anki. As a result, it is only available for Anki version 2.1.28 and above. - The toggle button has been removed. If this add-on is installed, it will always search as if the feature is enabled. Ignore accents and diacritical marks used by various languages when searching in the card browser and match only against the base characters. This allows you to enter only the base characters in the browser search bar even if your notes have the words written with the marks included. Changes in 2.4: - Fix handling deck searches where the quotes are after the keyword. I.e: deck:"my deck" Changes in 2.3: - Now handles negation, grouping, and 'and|or' keywords - Doesn't mangle your search term quoting or keyword order Changes in 2.2: - Fix handling of negated terms (e.g.: -is:due) Changes in 2.1: - Correctly handle deck names with spaces Changes in 2.0: - Reworked to continue working with newest Anki releases. Changes in 1.9: - Fix broken widget order around the search bar Changes in 1.8: - Anki 2.1 support. The add-on will no longer receive updates for Anki 2.0.x Changes in 1.7 - Supports any language, although searches are now slower.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1652994115
EDIT: You don't need this add-on anymore, it's directly implemented in Anki 2.1.50+
Tools > Preferences > Ignore accents in search

Works great.

Would be nice if œ and æ would return results for oe and ae.
on 1647294275
Love it!
on 1644500623
Is this addon incompatible with tags like "current_events" because of the underscore? Several tag-related searches are not returning any results for me and I narrowed the issue down to this specific addon. A toggle or the ability to add exceptions for certain characters would fix this.
on 1643639318
on 1642880962
Thank you
on 1640957514
I Love it
on 1632070724
Wow this is awesome. Works great with Greek language!
on 1622457618
Great addon, but it needs an update!

It doesn't work properly in 2.1.41+. A lot of results are missing in the search.
Comment from author before post was edited
The add-on has been updated to work again but requires Anki 2.1.28.
on 1617366755
Super add-on for someone learning Português!

Since removal of the checkbox, how do I do a search that contains accented characters and where I specifically want to _exclude_ those results that don't contain these accented characters. In other words, it's the opposite behaviour of the original checkbox or of the standard Anki "nc:" search. Does my question make sense?
on 1617144201
Not working 2.40?

Please :(
on 1616527948
on 1614190371
I am so happy that this works with Arabic. Truly life-changing. Thank you!
on 1610738911
Doesn't even work with British and American accents. For example, I have a card with the name savor (American), but when I search using the field name:*savour* it doesn't find it.
Comment from author
on 1605606321
Super cool, made my life lot easier
on 1605458724
Très très bon greffon ! Un tout grand MERCI ! Je l'utilise avec succès pour le grec moderne : vous me faites gagner un temps précieux.
on 1602340346
nice addon
on 1596809008
Super useful.
on 1595750705
This is such a useful add-on for ancient Greek. Thank you!
on 1590084834
The addon was much more comfortable and more intuitive to use than the new 'nc:...' syntax as introduced in Anki 2.1.24.
I don't like to write 'nc:' every time I use the search. (It should be vice versa: the ones who need to search for accents etc. should use a special syntax.)
Comment from author
The add-on has been updated to work again but requires Anki 2.1.28.
on 1581169669
works great
on 1569589758
Good, but very slow
on 1569416515
Unfortunately, it’s very slow and the performance is really bad. :(
on 1566313963
Āce, wōrks fōr Lātīn mācrōns tōō.
on 1565170165
One downside: significantly slows down search.

@ the reviewer from 25.10.2014: I as a German native speaker have never heard of "Mahd" and had to look it up. It's limited to the south-eastern area of the German language space.
on 1559029104
on 1555786410
A must have add-on, for sure! Thanks! It also allows to ignore capital letters.
on 1548792692
Works great! However, at first I didn't realise that I had to tick the box next to the search bar and so I thought it didn't work.
on 1537618700
doesn't work with me i don't know why with : é è on anki 2.0 and 2.1 with only this on as an add on : its the same probleme !!! help

can someone help me please ?
on 1537294358
I need this all the time, great!
on 1532185974
Großartig, danke
on 1524700800
Made my life way easier (working with French decks).
on 1523836800
Normalizing unicode is hard, and this plugin is great. Thanks so much!
on 1523577600
on 1519171200
This is great for ancient Greek, wish I'd found it sooner!
on 1513036800
Does what it says on the tin.
on 1510704000
Perfect !
on 1505692800
Great for Latin too!

Thanks so much for providing exactly the functionality I realized I needed. Works great even with combining diacritics.
on 1485043200
on 1475539200
A great addition for Chinese learners

Let me count the ways in which I love this add-on. This makes it much easier to search Chinese pinyin when you are not sure of the tones. Brilliant!
on 1460505600
Thank you so much!!!

Great add on! So incredibly useful for Arabic! Thank you.
on 1438128000
on 1422230400
Very good

Please extend it to ignore case.
I use accents in Russian, and with this add-on, the search ignores them, which is great. I also use Upper Case to indicate accent, when I can't generate them from the keyboard (which is most of the time). This review would show 5 stars if the search also ignored case.
on 1418515200
on 1418428800
Just awesome!

Great addon. It saves you a lot of time. Other great thing would be that if you write "ss", the browser search recognizes it as "ß".
on 1414195200

Thanks very much!

Just to give a further example of this addon's usefulness - Duden and other dictionaries of German usually indicate short vowels by a subscript dot, and long vowels by a subscript line. With this addon, one can search for (say) “Mahd”, and the Browser window will display not only “Mahd” but also “Ma̱hd”.
on 1399248000
Great Addon for skipping characters

This is a great addon for skipping any UTF-code character that you want. For my example: I am skipping diacritical tone marks and accent marks for Russian words. Just add the unicode-numbers that you want to skip to the addon code. Thanks a lot for saving me a loooooot of time. :))))) Maybe you can rewrite the name and description here on this website, so people searching for a UTF-Code skipping addon (generally, not only for Arabic/Hebrew diacritics) find it more quickly.
on 1398816000
on 1393200000
on 1390953600

Highly recommend it! Works great.
One feature request though: I'm learning both Hebrew and Arabic; if possible, it would be great to see someone extend this plugin to also work with niqqud, i.e. also strip out Hebrew diacritics.
on 1388188800
on 1384041600
Great addon

I recommend this for everyone using Arabic.