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Japanese Sentence Pitch Accent Core2k

141.10MB. 1999 audio & 2000 images. Updated 2021-07-12.
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This deck is meant to train sentence-level (as opposed to word-level) pitch accent in Japanese. Seethis youtube video for an introduction to pitch accents. The front of the deck contains a sentence, your job is to recall and accurately reproduce the pitch of the whole sentence. You can verify this using the pitch graph animations and pitch markers on the back of the card. The general ideas are to 1. start to memorize common pitch patterns with words you already know 2. force you to pay extremely close attention to pitch accent, which may give you better pitch distinction This deck uses data from the Core2k/6k deck, and uses theJapanese Pronunciation add-on for pronunciation notation. Pitch graphs were generated using praat and python. Important drops are indicated, but are not perfect; so use common sense. Please click the contact author button and post a reply if you'd like the source code used to generate these animations, i'll gladly send you a copy if you want to modify or improve this deck. Video demo

Sample (from 2000 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Expression 木曜日は仕事が休みです。
Translation Thursday is my day off work.
Pronunciation モクヨꜜービ シコ°ト ガꜜ *** ガ ヤスミꜜ
Sentence Pitch Drops 木曜日は仕事が休みです。
Pitch Video [non-mp3 audio]
Pitch Video (HTML5) c41b1fa0706aa28455978aeac7c40107-vp9.mp4
Expression 年間5万人がここを訪れます。
Translation This place gets 50,000 visitors a year.
Pronunciation ネンカン バꜜン *** マꜜン *** ヨロズ *** ヨꜜロズ ニꜜン *** ヒトꜜ *** ヒト ガꜜ *** ガ コꜜコ *** ココ オトズレꜜル マスꜜ
Sentence Pitch Drops 年間5万人がここを訪れます。
Pitch Video [non-mp3 audio]
Pitch Video (HTML5) e664c2a7dae2fbc87e468ec928042d7e-vp9.mp4
Expression ジャズのレコードをかけました。
Translation I put on a jazz record.
Pronunciation ジャꜜズ レコꜜード *** レꜜコード カケꜜル マスꜜ
Sentence Pitch Drops ジャズのレコードをかけました。
Pitch Video [non-mp3 audio]
Pitch Video (HTML5) 52c932fae4d36fd5dbefb996a12994b8-vp9.mp4

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on 1645943566
Incredibly complete resource, the videos and audio are way better than what I would have ever done myself.
on 1636204652
Really cool and hard deck, but I swapped the audio and kanji, for training listening.