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Review Hotmouse

0.02MB. Updated 2021-09-13. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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  With Review Hotmouse, use mouse shortcuts to review easily and quickly. For example, Scroll down to show answer, scroll up to answer 'again'. How to use By default, the hotmouses are configured as below. You can customize the hotkey and their actions in the add-on config. The shortcuts will only work while reviewing cards. right click: undo scroll down (front): show answer scroll up (back): again scroll down (back): good middle button + scroll up (back): hard middle button + scroll down (back): easy left click + right click (left click first): disable hotkey How It Works & Customizing Hotkeys A hotkey is comprised of mouse press and mouse wheel events. When you press a mouse button, the add-on searches for a hotkey where all the buttons you pressed beforehand are written as 'press [button name]' and the last button you pressed as 'click [button name]'. The same thing happens when you scroll: it searches for a hotkey where all the buttons that are being pressed are written as 'press [button name]' and the scroll direction as 'wheel [direction]'. If such hotkey exists, its corresponding action is executed. Notes If you have many long cards that require scrolling, having scroll hotkeys will not let you scroll your card unless you turn off the add-on. (Left click + Right click by default) You will not be able to access the context menu while reviewing unless you turn off the add-on. Additional Links Ankiweb - Github - Report an issue - License This addon was created by Bluegreenmagick, and is licensed under the MIT License.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1631559367
Works very nicely! Huge Add-on
on 1630277705
Awesome addon! I always have my mouse with me so it gives me an easy way to do reviews wherever I end up studying. A great alternative to carrying around a controller. This is certainly on my list of must-have addons!

Note: Same as the comment below, the addon seems to stop after I finish a deck but will resume after I restart Anki. This only started happening when I updated Anki recently.
Comment from author
This was fixed in the latest update!
on 1620611519
I really like the functionality, but in the last couple of weeks it stop working after I finish a deck and switch to another one. Once I reboot Anki, it works perfectly fine again, until I finish a deck.
Comment from author
This was fixed in the latest update!
on 1619942870
I have been experiencing a very small delay (about 0.5sec) from when pressing show answer to when I am able to press good/again (I have set show ans to left click, good to left click and again to right click). It is annoying since it slows the pace and double clicks images/texts. Hope it gets fixed soon because this is a great addon
Comment from author before post was edited
In the add-on config, try lowering the 'threshold_wheel_ms' value.
on 1619359421
Great add-on! Thank you
on 1613143890
on 1611769486
I have long underrated this add-on! I used a numpad for a long time, but the numpad has become worn out. Now I'm excited to try hotmouse.

The xbutton2 seems to be not working for me. I will test it a bit more, because xbutton1 works.

Thank you a lot for this add-on! <3
on 1608491750
Extremely helpful, much more pleasant to be able to sit back with mouse in hand, rather than hunching over a laptop all day. Many thanks for this excellent resource!
on 1608253012
An absurdly beneficial add-on that makes the review workflow so much smoother. When you have to move the mouse pointer over the different fields to show the answer and then select and click the option, you lose a bit of focus and concentration on the review content. With this add-on, you don't have to look to the bottom of the screen and concentrate on aiming the mouse pointer, you just intuitively scroll the mouse wheel or click the button.

Tiny suggestion for improvement:
Add "Edit card" to the actions. This is something I frequently use when seeing a mistake in my cards.

And there are many mice with six buttons (left, right, center/wheel, forward, backward, and custom button), so if it doesn't need much effort to implement, this could be nice for some people.

But overall, already a really great add-on!
on 1608218665
on 1606600749
Great addon. How would I program the additional buttons (not R/L click) on my mouse to mean certain commands?
on 1604163996
Love the addon.
on 1603241910
on 1601196101
Amazing addon, hope it will get an update
on 1601150707
mouse with back button can do too:
"a_click_xbutton1": "again",
"a_click_xbutton2": "easy",

work super...
cool, wunderbar, super -- thanks, danke, díky
on 1601017346
Awesome man. Thanks a lot!!!
on 1596519338
loving it
on 1592027313
One of the most essential add-ons. Have only had it for an hour and it has sped up my reviews tremendously. Having to only move your finger a millimeter up or down has a great effect of getting you through the cards steadily.

Tremendously well made plug-in.
on 1590786703
it a shames that i cant upvote this twice. thank you!
on 1590781784
Absolutely incredible. Has had the added benefit of keeping my hands off the keyboard so I don't feel tempted to get sidetracked on distracting websites. Incredibly intuitive. I've set the middle mouse presses with down scroll and with up scroll to indicate the extremes of answers (again - easy) and then scroll down and up to indicate the middles (good-hard). Absolutely love the customizing as well.

EDIT: Works flawlessly and as described! Actually shaved off 5-10 minutes from my reviews just by virtue of the speed of the action of scrolling.
Comment from author before post was edited
Great that you find it useful!

I edited the description to make that line a bit more clear. I was just intending to say that it won't work when in preview mode, or browsing cards for example.
on 1585438419
amaaazing ,,, you just need to chill and scroll down or up during your review or new cards ((( yes this add-on works on new card but you need to enable the, through custom-study )))
on 1581703322
I think 'replay_voice' doesn't work.
Comment from author
I just tested it, pretty sure it works(and should for all anki version). Perhaps you set the hotkey wrong? Can you try setting the action to "red" and see if that works?
on 1579257813
Awesome tool! However, I've found a bug while I'm reviewing my cards. Sometimes when I click 'Good' with the mouse hotkey, a blue rectangle shows around the media of that card. Whenever this happens the media from this card is put into the next card 'Extra' section. So I have to press 'Undo' and then the following message shows up "reverted to state prior edit field". This indeed fixes the problem, but I wish this wouldn't happen in the first place. Still, great tool!
Comment from author
I'm not quite sure why that bug happens, but are you using Edit Field During Review addon(https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1020366288)?

If so, I'd recommend using this addon instead - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/385888438. I currently use them both without any issues. (and if that still does not fix the problem, to go to this addon's config and set ctrl_click to true)
on 1577805523
This a good add-on for me. I can use the add-on with wireless mouse.
on 1577706597
Worked as described. Only thing is the scrolling up and down with the mouse while holding the middle button is quite uncomfortable, but i should be able to change it.
Comment from author
I would suggest using a 5 button mouse. It's a lot more comfortable using xbutton1 and xbutton2 to mark hard and easy.