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Fill the blanks - Multiple type:cloze support

0.01MB. Updated 2021-08-06.
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TLDR; This addons makes Anki handle cards of the kind type:cloze properly and adds support for multiple cloze parts on those cards With the addon applied: Motivation ============== Typing in the answers are interesting for studying. For many people, writing is more efficient for memorization than just reading. On cloze cards, when hiding just the cloze parts, it's possible to study contents within a context. The current version of Anki doesn't work well with that combination (On cloze card, it replaces the entire content with a single *input text*). This addon solves this issue. > Note from dev: At first, I'm using it for source code blocks. Soon, I think about using for cards with language (ex: German) phases as well How it works ============= * Create a card of type Cloze deletion * On the note templates editor, instead of using *cloze:fieldName*, use *type:cloze:fieldName* * Then, on review time, the cloze parts will be replaced with *input texts* > Note: the images have a dark background because of the Night Mode addon (this behavior has nothing to do with the *Fill the blanks* addon) Extra feature ============= Instant feedback While the user types in the answer, the corresponding input field changes. The background color changes according to the value: * incomplete: yellow * correct: green * incorrect: red > Note from dev: In my own tests, this is really good. It makes me try harder to get the right answer. > It's possible to disable using the configuration: feedback-enabled Bugs / Suggestions / More documentation ====================================== Please, feel free to open issues about possible bugs found. That and the source code are available on: [Github](https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/tree/master/fill-the-blanks) Last Updates ========= 2.6 | 05/08/2021 * Fix formatting for multiple fields (thanks Matt Lewis / matt2112) 2.5 | 28/07/2021 * Support Asian languages (new trial - still experimental) ** Need to be enabled with the parameter "experimental-asian-chars" * Support customizing the size of the input-field * Issues #59, #64, #93 2.4 | 06/05/2021 : * Make feedback on Answer also consider configuration "ignore case" (Thanks to Matt Lewis / matt2112) 2.3 | 06/03/2021 : Make feedback on Answer available, even when instant feedback is disabled 2.2 | 28/02/2021 : Change default color on Answer (issue #84) 2.1 | 27/02/2021 : Quick fix on 2.0 (try avoiding "Type answer: unknown field Word") 2.0 | 27/02/2021 * Added (so desired) feedback on "Show Answer" * Solve issues: * #82 - Problem with too many fields ... About ======== Add-on developed by *ssricardo*. Check out more of my add-ons on [Github Anki Plugins](https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins) Support ======= If this helps your life, consider buying me a coffee :)


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1657444141
Pretty nice
on 1657323386
Great idea
on 1655554672
The add-on helped me a lot, thanks!
on 1654807726
I have one problem. The field where I write the words is white. How to make it black like on the screenshot?
Comment from author
If you are you using the night mode in Anki, it should be automatic. Otherwise, can you try this: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Fill-the-blank---Styles
on 1654116387
Great! And really helpful. :-)
on 1652950417
Great plugin, use it more and more, cannot live without it any longer.

Normal (standard) cloze cards are great for answering up to 3 blanks, but if there are more blanks as required for memorising and solving complex problems then this plugin is essential.

It would be great if it could be made work in the card browser's preview mode too.
on 1650618459
in preview mode does not work. Works however in study mode!
on 1647121842
Great Plugin
Thank You ❤️
Comment from author before post was edited
Support given here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/110
on 1646830652
Thank you, but it doesn't work on my iphone
Comment from author
Hi! That's how all Anki add-ons work. They are only for the Desktop version
on 1645117449
Does NOT work as expected in preview mode, but works fine in study mode.

Anki version: 2.1.49
OS: MacOS 12.2.1
on 1644252861
works well
on 1643883043
Ayuda a estudiar programacion. Gracias
on 1643566718
Man, here I am studying C++ and trying both image occlusion on screenshots of code, or standard cloze on copied code chucks. For most of my basic cards I use the type-in answer. It really seems to help me for memorizing because it's harder to get lazy and just click through, see the answer, and not internalize it (especially when I'm tired).

And since it primes us to actually use our brains in the exact way they would when coding something (you've got to type it in don't you?), this just seems perfect.

I honestly haven't even used it yet, but just installed it. I had to login and comment because I was thinking I wanted this to exist and you made it possible, so thank you!
on 1639331896
A pillar of my daily learning! Transformative!

@ssricardo: Any hope for supporting issue 105 (multiple fields)? I would donate 20€ if that helps (not much, but as a student...).
Comment from author
Hey! It's not the first that this is asked, I'll try working on that some time on next year (I need to find time...)
on 1638903750
This is a game-changer if you're studying a coding language. Thanks for the great work.
on 1637616002
Great for optimising retention of short answers and filling out list type cards :)
on 1637418909
Very good for doing revision. It could be better if "type:cloze" becomes "cloze" on ankidroid platform. Therefore, I can do revision with these type of cards on ankidroid.
on 1637037885
Thank you very much. This add-on is brilliant.

I do retain better typing the answers.
on 1636819746
Great work!
on 1636753232
Thank you so much! This addon has been very helpful.
I would like to suggest a small upgrade, an option to see the next character. Sometimes I get stucked at a phrase, and then I try to type every letter on the keyboard to see which one works heheheh
on 1636471661
I use this add-on for some time for my grammar language deck to fill up exercises and it is great for this purpose. I would like to implement the green-yellow-red check method for my vocabulary deck, but I realized I cannot change basic notes with multiple cards into cloze notes, as the second only has one generic card type which you can multiply with consecutive cloze fields. But it will not work for me... Is there a reason to use green-yellow-red check for type:FieldName command on-the-fly?
Comment from author
Hi! The add-on is built on top of Anki type:cloze, that is, it uses some of these components. Then, by design it's impossible to work with other types of note.
on 1635895567
Great addon Ricardo, I'm only having difficulty making the feedback after "Show Answer" work. My back card is currently:
<div class="card">{{Back Extra}}
But the "type:cloze:Text" seems to do nothing at all. It was working properly before the addon (on normal type.cloze cards).

Edit after author's answer: I wasn't the guy on github, but your demo deck helped me identify the problem. I'm using type.cloze cards for learning to code, and I use the addon "Syntax Highlighting for Code". This is what was causing the trouble. It seems your addon isn't compatible with it. But I'm not complaining, your addon is great, and the instant feedback still works, so it's still usable.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, thanks!
Idk if you are the one who created an issue on github... if not, could you also check my comment here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/102
on 1635176296
Nice tool.
on 1634620480
So far viable and helpful. Thank you
on 1632665715

This add-on seems good, I need 2 things of it, but I don't know how to fix it.

First one; I expect it to shows me all blank fields (cloze fields) at once (like the first screenshot of this page), not one by one (for studying poem). I shouldn't see the answers at first view and need to be all "cloze/blank fields" cover until I give the correct answer for each field and highlight it with green color. But in default, it just covers the first cloze, and after I fill and give the answer for it, the next cloze disappears.

The second one is how to set it for right-to-left languages like Persian correctly. My notes are written to it and I see the cloze for the "FIRST" and "LAST" words of a line, jumps to the first or vice versa of its line and it's confusing. Something wrong with this, although I set right to left and proper Persian font for my notes in Anki settings, I should say the cloze ones that are located in the middle of the text lines are okay, just the cloze for the first and last of a line jumps to its wrong places. (first word goes to the last line and last word goes to the first line)

I'd appreciate the author or whoever knows answers to my questions. I asked it here:


I think I like this add-on and give a green thumbs up!




Your sample deck shows all fields at once, but mine doesn't while I change the template to "type: cloze"! Also, I replace my words in your template, but still, the problem remains. It's a confusing add-on for me. Maybe I should look for another similar add-on that be more user-friend.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi! It does show all at once (but the template need to be "type:cloze" instead of only "cloze:". Can you try the starter deck to check whether your installation is correct: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Fill-the-blanks---Starter-Deck .
If so, use the deck as a sample, for creating your own.
on 1632648421
Man! That's a breakthrough in learning! This add-on combines the most valuable techniques of guessing and writing, and if you add sound and use mnemotechnics or pictures, that would be complete immersion!
on 1630507605


on 1629060934
Looks promising, I am designing a card for my programming with it now.

Is it possible to turn off the feedback and get the default Anki verification after showing the answer? I think the instant feedback is too quick, I like a second to correct a typo on my own but still want some feedback.
on 1628675652
Man, that's awesome!!
Thanks for supporting the Asian language!
Comment from author
Great! If it's working fine, than in the next versions I can make it enabled as default
on 1628672852
Beautiful! Love it!!
on 1628459563
Such a great Add-on.
on 1628283913
Very nice plugin, thanks :D You should maybe mention in the description that one should only edit the {{cloze:FieldName}} of the front deck
on 1628201806
This is an awesome improvement over Cloze if you're focusing on coding - this will help me greatly for getting into it!

My only downside so far is that it doesn't like Japanese scripts. I use type:cloze quite a lot for English grammar, Japanese grammar (in Japanese script), and Chemistry. Sadly, the value of using it is lost when it breaks the thing I spend most of my time studying! I know someone else mentioned something very similar on 17/07/21, and I will still be recommending this to everyone as a huge improvement over standard typed clozes - all I can hope for is wider support!

5th Aug 21 Edit - Huge props to the addon's author, fixing the East Asian characters issue has literally made this addon an easy 10/10 in my books. It's beautiful, it's efficient, it works with everything - I'm in love!
on 1627991340
Doesn't show the (correct) answer after responding (by characters).
Instant feedback is ok...
Anki version: 2.1.45.
Comment from author
Hi, could you provide an example? If possible to share a minimal deck with, it'd be great
on 1627842471
Great add-on! Any chance for it work with Edit Field During Review (Cloze)?
Comment from author
I'll try addressing it with this: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/96
on 1627555245
The issue of instant feedback not working in East Asian languages.
I noticed this issue has been raised, so I wanted to give the developer more information.
The instant feedback does not respond until I type a number or space, or delete a Chinese character, no matter how many Chinese or Japanese characters I type.
If I press enter with instant feedback not in effect, my correct answer is recognized as an incorrect answer. It shows up as a yellow word followed by a red parenthesis with nothing in the parenthesis.
I have tried Chinese, Japanese and Korean and they all have the same problem. Not only typing Chinese and Japanese characters, but I tried using IME to enter full width english characters had the same problem. But Russian has no problem.
It seems that languages that use IME (input method editor) all have the same problem.

My system is windows 10 and Anki version is 2.1.43.
Here are the input methods that I have tried that have problems.
Microsoft Pinyin IME
Microsoft Japanese IME
Korean Microsoft IME
Google Japanese Input

If you want to install Chinese input method in Win10 system for testing, this is a method (Only first two steps needed): https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/chinese-pinyin-input/ec028f92-8782-4b8c-9988-d4842fbbc9a2
My English is not good, this article uses machine translation.But I really like this excellent plugin and I really hope this problem will be solved.

Thank you very much for the reply and letting me know that you are willing to solve the issue.
I know that testing in an unfamiliar language can be difficult, so please allow me to offer you some suggestions.

Those two videos explain how to install the Japanese and Chinese input method.
How to install Chinese IME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRVnRYoQlXk
How to install Japanese IME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qquFkpWO_5A

When you can type Chinese or Japanese characters, you can use the keyboard to test by pressing aaa or hahaha.
Chinese: 啊啊啊 (a-a-a), 哈哈哈 (ha-ha-ha)
Japanese: あああ (a-a-a), ははは (ha-ha-ha)
In my tests, these characters can be easily typed and trigger the issue. hope these will help you.
I hope you can successfully reproduce this issue, and thank you for your efforts.

Awesome! After I enabled the config this issue was solved perfectly! Thank you very much, this really helps me a lot!

But in testing I found another small problem regarding spaces.
If there are more than two spaces connected, the feedback will recognize the answer as incorrect. And after pressing enter, the wrong answer will be considered correct, and it is in blue font. (Not green)

Here is the examples
1: {{c1::a a}}(Two or three spaces in the middle) Feedback shows "a a" in red and accepts like "b" as the correct answer.
2: {{c1::a }} The same thing happens when ending with a space.
3: {{c1::Even if it is a long sentence, the problem occurs if there are "two spaces" in it.}}
(Sorry, the two spaces were merged into one because of the website limitation. This is not my original format.)
Maybe this problem is not important, but it is strange.

And thank you again for your work to solve the Asian language issue! I would recommend this add-on to everyone!
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you again for the detailed explanation.
With this, I just added this feature. It's still as experimental. Please update and enabled it on the configs
on 1627354649
This add-on works so very well for me. I wish it were incorporated into standard Anki. It is really helping my learning process to easily add multiple clozes and then when reviewing, to see yellow to know that I'm doing it correctly so far, and then green to see that my answer is correct.

I then rate the Anki card as hard rather than good, if I had to depend on that color-coded feedback to get the right answer.

To the author, thank you! and I've made a reminder to myself to give some support also.
on 1627326279
Thank you very much, I started using this Add-On for Assimil, and is perfect for the exercise "fill in the missing words", you are a legend!
on 1625611541
When I disable instant feedback, I can't figure out how to make it still show the correct answer after I type in my answer. I think this was supposed to be fixed in an update, but I have the latest version. Any advice would be appreciated.
on 1625355202
Great add-on. But unfortunately it doesn't work on iPhone or iPad - only blank space appears with no other text (example: [ ] instead of >> " [ ] is the capital city of England "). Any chance fix it?
Comment from author
Hey! Unfortunately it's not possible. All Anki add-ons are only for the desktop version, then on mobile, it's only standard Anki behavior (without add-ons).
on 1624499222
This add-on makes multi cloze easier to fill. Before this I have to insert comma and blank between the answers, with it the clozes looks more beautiful and clearer to finish.
on 1622896963
Thanks mate, that's awesome
on 1622615376
Very Useful!!!
on 1622492566
Love it! - Like another user mentioned, is there a good way to use this while formatting a code block? I would like to use the "Syntax Highlighting for Code" add on but it doesn't work with your add on, it is possible? Thanks!
on 1622490025
Great add-on!
I have a question about using it with code snippets, I use the add on "Syntax Highlighting for Code" and it doesn't seem to work with your add on. It does work with the regular "cloze" cards but not your add on. Do you know of a way to make these play nice with each other? Or a different way to format code and use your add on with it?
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi! It's on the way. So, soon :)
on 1622156455
Very cool for Code! I presume for language as well...
on 1622122937
Nice idea and implementation! The instructions were a little unclear, though, so I did have to mess around a bit to figure out how to get it to show feedback after clicking "show answer".
on 1621601684
Useful addon!
But instant feedback doesn't work for Chinese and Japanese words unless manually adding and deleting 1 alphanumeric character at the end of each blank. Please support words of those languages as well.
Comment from author
I indeed wish to make it work well for those languange. But it'd be good if some other developer could contribute, as I couldn't even reproduce that.
For while it's a limitation...
on 1620304422
Awesome add-on. Although I have had problems for longer answers (a sentence, for example). It just shows the answer in blue font; it doesn't check if it's correct or not.
Does anyone know how to fix problems with longer answers?

Recently, I figured it out by re-typing the answer (which in my case, a long sentence). But I would definitely hope that there would be some fixing on this issue, so it would not allot more time in creating cards which have lengthy answers. Rather 'copy and paste' will work on any clozed answers.

Also, I have tried enlarging the font when typing an answer. Of course, after pasting the necessary styling code (in the styling section). However, I still can't figure out a solution to this one.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi! Can you provide an example of sentence with problem?
on 1619181888
Add-on excelente! Parabéns

Há alguma possibilidade de funcionar juntamente com o add-on "Edit Field During Review Cloze"?

Não estou conseguindo fazer os dois add-ons funcionarem juntos. O edit field funciona com {{edit:cloze:Texto}}, mas quando coloco os dois juntos, {{edit:cloze:Texto}} {{type:cloze:Texto}} ou {{edit:type:cloze:Texto}} acaba não funcionando.


Infelizmente não funcionou. Agradeço a ajuda. Seria perfeito se esses dois aplicativos funcionassem juntos. Ambos são uma mão na roda.

O seu aplicativo proporciona um estudo ativo de altíssimo nível e o edit field cloze permite "consertar" e adicionar mais campos cloze com muita velocidade.

Segue a imagem de como o cartão fica com o código modificado: https://imgur.com/a/6epawRt
Comment from author before post was edited
Olá, tem uma chance de funcionar mas não testei. Na pasta do add-on, mude o arquivo handler.py: onde está `m = re.search(ref.typeAnsPat, buf)`, tente trocar por `m = re.search(r"\[\[edit:type:(.+?)\]\]", buf)`. Se não, se o outro add-on tbm sobrescrever a mesma parte do Anki, aí eles não vão funcionar junto. Boa sorte!
on 1619062055
Very good. Add ons are hard to figure out but very useful.
on 1618811519
So far, works extremely well and is a fantastic edition.

The only issue I had was needing to restart Anki, but that's simply user error.
on 1618685666
It's amazing thank you so much! I am struggling to see the right answer when I can't figure it out though, can please you help me? Currently I have to go back on the original card, and it's really not practical.
Comment from author
Hi. There are different colors when you show answer, indicating whether you go it right (green), and if it's wrong it shows both the correct value and what you typed. Do you have last version? If so, check you config and maybe try with the Starter-Deck
on 1618426681
Definitely a must have!
on 1618244562
Great addon. Just one thing I would like to change: whitespace is not immediatly considered as wrong input. For instance, if I start to type several spaces, the instant feedback does not recognize it as wrong, only when I input other characters.

I changed this behaviour by changing "fill-blanks.js" line 18 from "let current = field.val().trim();" to "let current = field.val();"

Working fine so far. Can this have any side effects later on? If not, this could be another option.
I'll let this answer here so other people can see how to do it, if they want to risk breaking the app. Cheers.
Comment from author
Hi! There is no side effect. Should just work fine. I can make it configurable in future - or even better if you could do it and create a pull request :)
on 1617549755
Can it be applied to other languages?
Comment from author
Hi. There's not binding it to a language, so yes, you can use it with language or any text. If you have problem configuring it, take a look on the doc on github or try using the "Starter deck"
on 1616811088
Excellent, it works just as I was thinking of.
on 1616147656
Awesome. This is what I wanted.
on 1614718773
This addon is amazing, but I'm having an issue that drives me crazy!
The text of each cloze card is displayed twice on the same card:
once the version without the addon
and underneath there's the same card with the blanks.

On the back the text is only written once with the correct answers.
How do I fix this so that only one version is shown, the one with the blanks?
Thanks in advance <3
Comment from author
I'd need to know how your note template is. Just by the comment it's really hard to figure out. Please open an issue on Github, then we try tracking that
on 1614691348
Great add-on! I really like the new feature you just added. However, I am not able to see my answer on the answer feedback after I disable the instant feedback. Is there a way for me to see the answer even I disable the instant feedback? And Is there a way to set up a shortcut for moving between different clozes? Thank you!
Comment from author
Done! Just update to today's release
on 1614513868
This add on is amazing!
Is it possible to add a feature to ignore Hebrew vowels on the typing feedback as well?
Comment from author
I think it shouldn't be hard. But can you describe which letter and then test later, because I have no knowledge on that. Please open an issue on Github, so that we have a thread to follow
on 1614450282
Hello Author.

Thank you for such an amazing plugin; I have been using it for a while. However, the latest release has broken some core Anki functionality.
For example, if the plugin is enabled the {{type:FieldName}} field does not appear. Instead of a typing box I get the following error:

Type your answer here:Type answer: unknown field Word.
Maybe your Note template misses the correct prefix 'type:cloze'

Please, revert you changes back of fix the issue.
Comment from author
Hi! That was already fixed!
on 1614097842
Great Add-on! Works like a charm on Anki Version ⁨2.1.39 (576f0043)⁩. Disappointed though that I cannot get it to work on ankidroid! Am I missing something? CSS format, card structure? On AnkiDroid, I only get one field but do not see the text of the front. My deck is multiplication tables from 2 to 10 with one table at a time on a single note.

Many thanks for this very useful add-on and your hard work.
Comment from author
Hi! Unfortunately all add-ons are only for desktop version. On AnkiDroid it behaves as standard Anki (without any add-on).
on 1614069420
I really like this Add-On! So Useful. But unfortunately not working any more after updating to Anki 2.1.35. Pleeease update this Add-On :o

Edit 1: It is working again. Probably I had a wrong setting and I only checked the my note in the browser with "Preview". It wasn't properly rendered there but it works perfectly when you see your note while reviewing! Thanks to the author for your kind reply!
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi! It works! I use it on 2.1.35. Unless you are using Anki 2.1 scheduler (haven't tested). Otherwise maybe some other add-on is interfering...
If you can't find, let me know which problem you get there
on 1613473801
Works well. I like the improved typing field format/location and instant feedback function, but would like to still be able to see the comparison between what I wrote and the correct answer like you can in base Anki. (Or a nicer/prettier version of the same thing. Wouldn't complain about that but beggars can't be choosers.) I would be ok with having to choose between instant feedback or answer comparison, with both having the improved type boxes.
Comment from author
Thanks! I'm working on the feedback after revealing answer. It taking some time, but on the way.
on 1613012117
Wonderful add-on, makes studying much more effective! Thank you!
on 1612810085
Nice Add-on, but unfortunately I'm no longer able to compare the answer on the backside of the card.
It just won't do it anymore. Instead, it simply replaces what I typed in.
on 1610989415
Thanks for the addon!

Right now when you create a note with this addon and add multiple incremented clozes like c1::test1, c2::test2
anki creates multiple cards, but the two created cards look exactly the same. Can I make them work like regular cloze cards,
where the first blanks out c::1 and the second c::2?
on 1609358003
Worth it just to make input case-insensitive!
on 1608859908
That's a great feature and I'd love to get it to work! Can you please explain once again how to set it up, because I seem to be doing something wrong?

I installed the addon and restarted ANKI. Then I created a new Cloze note and added two Cloze fields to it - the program automatically created two different Cloze notes and added them to my deck - one note per each Cloze field. Then I switched to the card template editor, and this is what my code looks like (this is for the Front Template):


<hr />

<div style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>{{Note}}</div>


The note itself looks like this:

Text: laufen - {{c1::lief}} - {{c2::gelaufen}}

So if I try to replace {{cloze:Text}} with {{type:cloze:Text}}, it doesn't really do anything - I still get the same two cards with one input field per each. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: Thank you for the reply! This solved the issue.
Comment from author before post was edited
That's because Anki automatically increases the number of the card when you create Cloze. If you want them to be on the same card, both must have the same number. Like:
{{c1::lief}} - {{c1::gelaufen}}.

You can also try starting with https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Fill-the-blanks---Starter-Deck
on 1608669155
Game changer when using the Ultimate Spanish conjugations.
on 1608392446
This is really nice for learning coding, especially for internalizing some of the basic building blocks.
on 1608343154
Exactly what I was searching for.
on 1603659633
Great add on! Thank you for your effort.

I have a question. Is there any way to make the cloze type field font larger?
Comment from author
Hi, can you try following this: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Fill-the-blank---Styles
on 1599112622
Hello! Great add on, really useful :D I´m having a lil problem though, I´m a beginner at anki and not really tech savvy so I don´t get how to disable immediate feedback, caps sensitivity and accent sensitivity. I'd really appreciate it if you could explain it a bit clearer, please.

Edit: I managed to do it, but I changed the true/false values in the wrong place at first (I did it directly in the file config.py), I changed them back and got the right place on my second try, I hope I didn´t mess up anything important xd
Anyway, thanks for the add on :)
on 1598106151
It took some time for me to figure out how to use it. btw, can you add a sample deck? It will be useful for newbies.
Comment from author
A sample deck done: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Fill-the-blanks---Starter-Deck
Any specific part was hard?
on 1596125851
I'm changing my rating because I got it working, however, I do think more detailed explanation as to how this works would be helpful to those people who don't know all about Anki and don't have the time to learn. I've wasted about two days trying to get this single card thing to work. I can't be the only one struggling.
Comment from author
Do you have any specific part which was confuse?
on 1595153567
Not really a bad rating, it just doesn't work as I would like. I disabled the immediate feedback in the configurations but then I would like all the errors to be shown after "show answer". Currently all the input is lost after "show answer".
on 1593580041
Thank you very much it is perfect! It is very useful to study verb conjugations, for example from Italian. My only problem is that the spaces take them as an error (red)
on 1593440789
Versions between 2.1.22 and 2.1.24 could face the problem "The front of this card is blank"
Update your Anki to 2.1.26.

Thank you very much, i am learning programming and this is exactly what i need
on 1593163743
This is a good add on for coders.
Anyone wondering how to customize the style of input fields here is the tip:
Use input.ftb selector
on 1592306112
I have a question. How would you make a type field font larger? I tried #typeans tag in CSS, but it won't work.

Works great! Fits ideally for code cards. Thank you!
on 1589114535
Excellent Plugin, tremendously useful but there is a problem that makes it really stressful to use:

When I create a field {{c1: ....}} and it is a long sentence and I type in the correct answer sometimes it is still marked as incorrect even though it is the correct answer. To fix this I have to edit the card an do the following for every word spacing in the sentence:

Hello I like wine - (edit) -> HelloI like wine -> Hello I like wine // and that for every word space to be sure that it will definitely work.

It could be an anki problem but its more likely a problem with your plugin. Would be great if you could fix that.

In addition it would be helpful if you could add the possibility to use the plugin with images if this is not to much work.
Comment from author
Thanks, I think I have an idea about the reason. I guess it's because of HTML spaces (&nbsp;) which Anki uses... I'll work on it in a future release.
About the images, it'd be lot of work...
on 1587834950
I really like this add-on. I had to disable the feedback function though, because I'm using it for anatomy - sometimes it just throws you off when you write something in a slightly different way. Is there any way to get some kind of feedback AFTER you wrote all the answers or after you click to show the answers?
Comment from author
So far, it's not possible. But it's a good idea. I'll keep that in mind for some future version
on 1586915909
Hi! I really like the idea but is it still to be developed for Anki 2.1.22? As mentioned in your post its showing a blank card information. The dislike was unintentional and just for the query. Thanks!
Comment from author
It seems functional now, with Anki 2.1.26.
Previous problems happened on Anki, as described: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Temp---Anki-problem-with-type.
on 1585857805
I really really love this addon! It has helped me so much with multiple studies.

The only reason I gave it a thumbs down is to get your attention for the following: Can you please add support for Japanese language so that the live feedback function works when you type Japanese? It does not work unfortunately :S
Comment from author
This was just added (still in testing phase). Please update and enable it on the configurations
on 1585539519
At this moment it doesn't work with my last version. But it's an awesome add-on. I hope you can fix this to Anki 2.1v soon.
Thank you for all. Regards
Comment from author
Hey, thanks for the comprehension! I added a comment about it, with a possible workaround here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/wiki/Temp---Anki-problem-with-type . It seems to be a problem on lastest versions of Anki, even before the add-on start processing...
on 1585026991
on 1584974991
Sorry, but is there anybode or just me, my anki said that the code was invalid or not available for my version, im really sure that my anki version is 2.1.15
Comment from author
It's supposed to work fine on that version. Maybe check you Anki installation or some internet proxy config... idk
on 1584718012
Awesome!! Thank you for the hints, I was imagining something like this. You completely changed my life and my study with this add-on. I love you!

Another suggestion. I'm often using 60 clozes in a card, i love it. But I noticed that when we don't know the answer of 4 or 5 clozes, it's something hard to find the answers needed after showing the answer.

I think that this add-on will become perfect if somehow, it appears the wrong ones in the answer card, or maybe, during the review, a button that when pressed it appears the answer. When you flip the card it actually show all the answers, but when you have a lot of clozes it gets hard to find the one you missed. I don't know if I explained myself properly. The answers are showed after the flip, but you can lost what exactly you missed.

Right now use the hints space to put a number, and in the end of the text I put the answer, so, if i have some doubt i check-it.

It's just a suggestion, and I don't know how to do it or if it's possible. Anyway thank-you very much. I would like to pay you somehow for the incredible work. I live in Brazil, and if there's anyway to contribute, just show me how.
Comment from author
I'll add this as possible future feature. But it requires some, so probably it's not coming so soon
on 1584424805
It works very well when the language is English. But I'm using Chinese in my cards too and the color doesn't change. I really hope this add-on will support multiple languages like Chinese, Japanese and so on. Thanks a lot!
Comment from author
Thanks. Please take a look a look on: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/59#issuecomment-604155324
on 1583192878
Muito bom! Adorei o add-on! Gostaria de saber se tem alguma forma de fazer com que, após mostrar a resposta correta, fossem mostradas as respostas que escrevi na lacuna em branco. Desse modo, o add-on seria otimizado, pois seria possível comparar a resposta que escrevi com a resposta correta. Isso ajudaria a entender melhor os erros cometidos. Muito obrigado!
on 1582421699
Good job!!
on 1582266939
This is the best add-on hands down and is a game changer for sure. It would be awesome to have Latex working.
on 1582227568
Bem, vi que fala Português! Poderia me ajudar, por favor? Esse add-on é extremamente útil para mim! Sendo que ele duplica a informação. Mostra primeiro o card na forma "tradicional" e depois duplica logo abaixo, quando você pode usar o add-on. Teria como omitir isso? Aparecer apenas a parte onde podemos preencher o campo com a resposta? Agradeço desde já a ajuda.
Comment from author
Oi. Na configuração do seu card, será que você não tem o campo 2 vezes?! Pq o add-on em si não causa isso.
Se precisar, tenta abrir um issue no github (link acima) ou no forum do Anki, e coloca um printscreen, por favor...
on 1581271895
Hi, there. Thanks for the add-on. I just had it installed on my ankiweb app on my MacBook, but it seems there is no card type named “Cloze Deletion”. I wonder if the add-on conflicts with others I installed. Is ther any way I can fix this?
Comment from author
Hi! The cloze deletion isn't from this addon, it's a standard type from Anki. Probably it's translated to something different, like "Word omission"/ "Omission de palabras". Can you try to find something like that (It's supposed to exist regardless of add-ons).
on 1580913274
can I get the template of front, card and back code in the Edit Card window? I can't figure out how to get the template with the fields separated and inside the text, when I get to look at the card during review I only get the white rectangular field "Exomple" and no text
Comment from author
Hi. From the description it's a little hard to figure out. Maybe the of your field is not matching the name that you typed on the template?!
The only things to do are: add the addon (leave it enabled) and on the template use like {{type:cloze:NameOfYourField}}
on 1580423484
Incredibly helpful add on. A quick question: I use if for learning languages and the font is too small to see some of them properly (Hebrew for example). Is it possible to add an option to change font size in a future update? Thanks so much for the great work.
on 1580420765
Very helpful, thank you!
on 1579652373
Fulfill my need
on 1578026009
Great for code snippet

Some insights:
It would be great if you just could modify the way add-on is used in a card template (e.g {{typem:cloze}} instead of {{type:cloze}}) so we can have anki's original type multiple cloze function (with comma seperator) that can be used with different fields as overlapper and a special note type for just using your add-on.

This way we can have both of them based on our needs, for example for details in a code snippets we use the note type that uses your add-on & for overlap cloze which asks about some of those details at once we could use native type cloze.

Good job and thanks a lot
on 1575715801
thanks, it is very good
on 1575135980
Thanks! Just what I needed. I like the colour coding as you type.
on 1573984816
Very nice add-on, it's so useful for study engineering course.

And I hope the improvement that I can compare the answer with what i had input.

This is my card's back template:
<div style='font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px;color: blue'>《{{《》}}》</div><br>
<div style='font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 20px;'>{{cloze:question}}</div></dir><br>
<div style='font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 20px;'>{{type:cloze:question}}</div></dir><br>

but I can't compare what I had input with the ture answer just like before.
Comment from author
Hi. Do you still have the problem? I'd work on it now but I can't reproduce it.
If so, can you add some more details on https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/34 ?
on 1573350019
Great add-on. If only I could select multiple selections(by pressing ctrl) and create multiple cloze deletions by hitting "cloze deletion" button once. Also for this add-on we(I) usually need only 1 card type {{c1::Text}} {{c1::Text2}} and not {{c1::Text}}{{c2::Text2}} etc. So I should manually replace with 1. Maybe there is a solution?
Edit: Add-on "GODMODE: faster shortcuts and Cloze switching" solves part of my problem I think. It has shortcuts (Ctrl+S for non-incrementing cloze deletions) and Ctrl + E (for incrementing ones).
The issue with not being able to multiple select text by holding Ctrl is seems to be Anki related itself, it's uncharacteristic of a program that works with text.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hey! Great ideas! I'll consider adding them on some of next releases. (it may take some time though, as currently I don't have much time to work on these addons, but I'll come back... just to be aware :) )
on 1573323638
Great add-on. Finally, I can practice programming skills.
One question. How to format code as you have it? When I paste my code it's really messed :)
Comment from author
Thanks! For formatting I use my other add-on: "Markdown Support - With Batch n Preview" (I still want to improve it though - there are limitations imposed by Anki Web approach).
on 1573232163
Thank you for this great add on! Have you tried to use your multiple type:cloze cards on mobile (specifically Android)? I've been stuck trying to find a method to utilize my cards (generated via desktop) on android anki and was wondering if you ever found a work around. Although this might not be possible due to Anki's inherent mishandling of multiple type:cloze. On android anki, the "text" field just shows up as ".....", then I have to show answer to actually see the text + cloze deletions. Thanks!
Comment from author
Hi, thanks! Unfortunately I don't have the solution for the app, as it has a completely distinct architecture and it doesn't support add-ons.
It's also sad for me when I try to review some cards on my phone and it gets completely messed up :/
on 1571383280
Great addon!

Any chance hints e.g. {{c1::Canberra was {{c2::founded}}}} in 1913 can be integrated into the addon?

Comment from author
Hi! Does Anki support cloze captions like that (one inside other)? If so, I didn't know it. I can try to work on that later...
on 1569809953
Very very helpful. Could you please add more option such as Bold, Italic, height of word...?
on 1568128130
I'm a Mac user, and I have a problem. After I installed this add-on, the 'type in the answer' card doesn't work. It shows this error message:

Debug info:
Anki 2.1.15 (442df9d6) Python 3.6.7 Qt 5.12.1 PyQt 5.11.3
Platform: Mac 10.14.6
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons possibly involved: Fill the blanks - Multiple typecloze support

Caught exception:
File "aqt/clayout.py", line 541, in accept
File "aqt/clayout.py", line 553, in reject
File "aqt/main.py", line 535, in reset
File "aqt/main.py", line 485, in moveToState
File "aqt/main.py", line 515, in _reviewState
File "aqt/reviewer.py", line 46, in show
File "aqt/reviewer.py", line 96, in nextCard
File "aqt/reviewer.py", line 172, in _showQuestion
File "aqt/reviewer.py", line 156, in _mungeQA
File "aqt/reviewer.py", line 304, in typeAnsFilter
File "/Users/junyounglee/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1933645497/handler.py", line 76, in typeAnsQuestionFilter
return re.sub(ref.typeAnsPat, DEFAULT_ANKI_CLOZE % (ref.typeFont, ref.typeSize), buf)
<class 'NameError'>: name 'DEFAULT_ANKI_CLOZE' is not defined

On Windows PC, it works well. Can you tell me a solution about this problem?
Comment from author
Hi! Can you update it? The last version (1.4) was exactly to solve this.
The code doesn't exist anymore in the way that it's shown on your message.
on 1567613806
Omg you save my life!!! Vielen Dank
on 1566347096
Amazing work. Thank you.
on 1565944878
The add-on is wonderful and it works directly.
However, I encountered one issue that the <hr id=answer> is not anymore present after the installation.
I tested my assumption by deactivating the add-on and without any further adjustments to my notes the Horizontal line was back again.

Could you maybe confirm that this is a little issue in the add-on and could be changed?

Greetings Alex
Comment from author
I remember handling something with that <hr> tag already. Please try this: Just add a new empty line between the cloze field and the <hr> tag.
We can discuss it on the forum too...
on 1565742788
It's great,
and I hope that the input box can be bigger.
Thank you for your update
this add-on works well.

I made a mistake,I mean...
At the input box,I hope that the font can be bigger.
Comment from author before post was edited
Regarding that error, please update to version 1.4.
About the size I don't think it would be good. Think about text with multiple fields, if they were big that would mess the format of the text.
on 1564567825
pretty well
on 1564222974
LOVE IT! This is exactly what I was looking for with Anki!
on 1563307074
This addon is awesome man! Thanks for the contribution!

However I would have one feature request: would it be possible to add a setting to enable/disable case sensitivity? I don't use it for coding but for artists/song titles with audio files, so in my cards I don't really care for capitalization.
Comment from author
Done! Version 1.3 (01/07/2019)
on 1559037181
Very convenient and useful add-on! Can only recommend.
Many thanks for the work!

Only one request. Could you please improve the add-on so, that the cursor focuses on the first field for the answer?
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback. But the focus (on first field) was supposed to be working like that already, in the newest version.
Please follow this issue and add information here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/19
on 1558419438
This looks great, however, I haven't been able to get this running. When I replace cloze:fieldName with type:cloze:fieldName, the card always only shows the field where I can enter the text. Could you please make a package with a sample card available on Github?

Yes, this happens also while reviewing cards, the add-on is activated. It only displays the input text box, not the rest of the card. It would be appreciated if you could share a deck.
Comment from author before post was edited
Would you like a deck which uses it?!
This behavior should happen (on the reviewer) only if the addon isn't installed and enabled. However, in "Card Type Editor" it still shows like that.
Did you try it while reviewing cards?
on 1556631171
What a great contribution! Cheers, mate!

Edit1*: Using this add-on for a few days now, I think that the answer feedback while typing should've been an optional feature (if not absent at all). I'm saying this because I had an answer incorrect, and I already knew that I was wrong just typing, i.e., without seeing the back/answer of my card, so this influenced on my answer/performance. It would be awesome if we could customize the background color of the cloze/blank-box as well.
Comment from author
Register here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/15
on 1556567434
Great Add-On! Useful for learning coding