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Core 2000 Japanese Vocabulary

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All of the Core 2000 vocabulary in one place. Originally from Anki but it disappeared.

Sample (from 2000 notes)

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Notes Japanese Core 2000 Step 10 - 057
Vocabulary - Kanji 零れる
Vocabulary - Kana こぼれる
Vocabulary - English spill, overflow
Sentence - Kanji 彼女の目から涙が零れた。
Sentence - Kana かのじょのめからなみだがこぼれた
Sentence - English Tears rolled down from her eyes.
Sentence - Audio
Tags Core-Japanese-2000 Core-Japanese-2000-Step-10 iKnow Suspended
Notes Japanese Core 2000 Step 3 - 159
Vocabulary - Kanji
Vocabulary - Kana かぶ
Vocabulary - English stocks, shares
Sentence - Kanji 最近株を始めました。
Sentence - Kana さいきんかぶをはじめました
Sentence - English I recently started investing in stocks.
Sentence - Audio
Tags Core-Japanese-2000 Core-Japanese-2000-Step-3 iKnow
Notes Japanese Core 2000 Step 7 - 107
Vocabulary - Kanji やっぱり
Vocabulary - Kana やっぱり
Vocabulary - English just as I thought, after all
Sentence - Kanji やっぱり旅が大好きだ。
Sentence - Kana やっぱりたびがだいすきだ
Sentence - English I just love to travel.
Sentence - Audio
Tags Core-Japanese-2000 Core-Japanese-2000-Step-7 iKnow

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