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Japanese: Minna no Nihongo 1 & 2 (Lessons 1 - 50)

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This deck contains all vocabulary (words, phrases, etc.) from the Minna no Nihongo Translation & Grammar books from lessons 1 to 50. These are all the words and phrases you will need to study during your time using the Minna no Nihongo books. It has both recognition and recall cards in the deck, so you'll be able to recognize the Japanese words and recall the Japanese translation from their English meaning. The cards contain 4 fields: Expression (the original Japanese vocabulary entry), Meaning (the English translation), Reading (the Expression field with furigana written above the kanji), and Lesson Number (to dictate which lesson each vocabulary is from). Currently the cards only show the Meaning and Reading fields as they are the most useful for studying. All vocabulary is sorted by lesson number, so you can study the vocabulary either separately in each lesson or as a whole. Note: The JP plugin was used to create the deck (to add the furigana), so you might need to use that plugin as well to use this deck. Please find it here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3918629684 If you have feedback, suggestions, or comments, please email me at tannerperson [at] gmail [dot] com. I hope this deck helps you as much as it's helped me!

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Expression どのくらい
Meaning how long
Reading どのくらい
Lesson Number 11
Expression 封筒
Meaning envelope
Reading 封筒[ふうとう]
Lesson Number 11
Expression どういうふうに なさいますか。
Meaning How would you like it done? (respectful)
Reading どういうふうに なさいますか。
Lesson Number 44

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on 1673548007
A couple errors and too many duplicate cards, but it works well as a base if you clean it up.
on 1670514879
Awesome!! Was creating this deck for lesson 11 vocabulary on the Cram mobile flashcard app and planning on doing it for remaining lessons. A quick google and I found your flashcard deck, downloaded Anki, and now can jump straight into practicing.

Thank you for creating this deck!
on 1661676111
Really helpful deck!
on 1659620649
I appreciate the hard work, but there’s lots of small mistakes like other people have noted… some kanji and katakana. i.e. X「テルビ」ー O「テレビ」… I think another one was X「いちでも」ー O「いちども」。Sometimes the kanji is correct but the furigana is wrong. Some of the vocabulary is labeled with the wrong lesson number too. Be careful and compare it with the lesson vocabulary before using. It was better than starting from scratch though, so thanks to the author for compiling the deck. It didn’t take too long to correct it and have a working deck.
on 1658395029
Thank you soo much for making this deck. much appreciated. It makes a huge difference in studying speed.
Any way to compensate you?
I feel like you deserve more than just a good review.
on 1647252495
Thank you for compiling this.
on 1646569890
Really helpful
on 1645198565
It is a really useful deck. I started to add the missing vocabulary based on the latest Minna No Nihongo Book.
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you for your feedback. Could you please let me know which vocab is missing? I'd be happy to update the deck.
on 1644765689
préparation JLPT5
on 1644209540
Great deck!
on 1642218670
Minor kanji and kana mistakes. For example 気分が惡い (Kibun ga warui) has the wrong kanji (惡い as in Jinmeiyō kanji for people's names supposed to be written "悪い" as in Jōyō Kanji).
on 1641516995
works great
on 1640535361
Best MNN deck ever!
on 1629945053
Really helpful, yes there are a few "mistakes", but they are not as bad as people say, some katakana spelt wrong, some alternate ways of saying words etc... and only around 20 mistakes I found between chapters 1-12.
Comment from author
Thanks for the review! Could you let me know the mistakes you've found? I'd like to update the deck and make it even better for everyone. Please email me at tannnerperson [at] gmail [dot] com if that's easier for you.
on 1627276460
Good job! I love it
on 1619422321
It has many mistakes
Comment from author
Could you share with me what mistakes you're referring to? I'd be happy to update the deck if you let me know what's wrong about it.
on 1616657763
bạn có flashcard bản sách tái bản 2012/2013 không?
on 1613917559
All i need! Thank you!
on 1613609435
Great course!
on 1612597799
Prety decent and convinient way to learn japanese vocabulary
on 1612342590
Just what I needed!
on 1611477290
on 1606652286
Perfect. Paid the £25 for the mobile app just so I could use this on the go. We're following MNN in my Japanese class exactly like this, so it's brilliant to be able to follow along and add the vocabulary at the same time as the lessons. Spot on! Thank you!
on 1601091117
great :)
on 1596457413
just, what you need to revise the whole book
on 1590213007
on 1582022048
both english to japanese and jp to en. Really useful to review
on 1581597864
great Deck!!! i hope you may ADD also "Reference Words & Information",
thanks alot
Comment from author
Thanks for the review! I'm not sure if you're still using the deck, but I'd love some more feedback. Could you elaborate a bit on what types of reference words and information you'd like to see?
on 1579638077
Best deck and best platform to study Minna no NIhongo's huge vocabulary list.
on 1578351425
Something that helps in this life
on 1571507495
Extremely helpful for studying from the textbook! No fancy bells and whistles here, just a basic deck with the information you need to study vocabulary and expressions. Split into chapters so you can work on the concepts you're learning as you go through the text.
on 1562306524
I've been using this deck for a month, and I think it's among the best there is. Minor mistakes exist but you can correct them by yourself.
on 1559546615
I use it to learn words in my Japanese school and get at least 90% correct answers each time. 👌
on 1550822092
Awesome, currently studying with Minnna no Nihongo so this will be the perfect study aid. 勉強しましょう!