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Top 1500+ Tagalog words with audio

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Compiled from tagalog.com, Fluent Forever, Tagalog Reference Grammar, and my personal additions. All words have accent marks and audio from a native Tagalog speaker. Internet connection required for audio. I'm currently adding new words whenever I encounter them. Do check back regularly for updates. Note that this deck is a list of non-verbs. I also have a "Top Tagalog verbs with audio" deck here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2114984281

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Front twenty
Back dalawampû; bente (Spanish) ; Dictionary:dalawampu bente Flash cards by Tagalog.com
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Tags list_03
Front human [adjective]
Back pantao Dictionary:pantaoSentencesFlash cards by Tagalog.com
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Tags list_03
Front deceit, cheating; deceitful
Back dayà; madayà ; Dictionary:daya madaya Flash cards by Tagalog.com
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