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Bash Command Line For Linux

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I got this from: http://ss64.com/bash/ These are 245 command command that can be used in the command line in linux. Many commands particularly the Core Utils are also available under alternate shells (C shell, Korn shell etc). taken from http://ss64.com/bash/

Sample (from 245 notes)

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Front Manipulate shell variables and functions
Back set
Front GNU Bourne-Again SHell
Back bash
Front Compare two sorted files line by line
Back comm

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Очень много ошибок, либо вообще непонятных, незавершённых команд. Например установка пакета apt install или apt-get install (устаревшее), но никак не apt-get без ничего.
on 1606047384
Too many wrong cards.
on 1599108657
I am a beginner, and it's amazing colaborate.
on 1580904529
good deck
on 1562678089
Очень удобно и понятно!!!
on 1535380664
Rating good, although I think a better form would be something similar to this:

comm - {{c1::Compare two sorted files line by line}} {{c2::comm [options]... File1 File2}}

or more generally

commandName - {{c1::commandDescription from Man Page}} {{c2::command Usage from Command page}}

Still, I appreciate you taking the time to translate the bash man page into anki cards. I may make an attempt at this myself at some point.
on 1475020800
on 1442880000