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<10kB. Updated 2013-06-10. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.


Small one-trick pony add-on that does what View Size Adjust’s name promises, but just that, for those that got scared off by all the functions to add cards or to do incremental reading. Functions: The zoom is reset when you switch the main screen (change between deck browser/deck overview/review). For each, there can be a standard zoom factor set in the add-on file. Use the Add-ons menu to edit this. (For example, when you want the deck list in a bigger font, but have the cards themselves set up all right already.) There is an Anki 2.1 version of this, which isn’t maintained by me. (Tbh, this one isn’t really maintained any more either.)


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 2018-03-17
My deck has inline style, using !important is not possible unless I edit all my cards with a new class. Using the scale feature same as the mobile version is the best solution.
on 2018-02-26
undo a review it goes back to the default size. !!!Would be better it this didn't happen
on 2018-02-13
Muito útil!
on 2018-01-31
Works as intended. :)
on 2017-12-25
Perfect. As with other reviewers, I find that a zoom in function is important when you want to be able to see the intricacies of Chinese characters. Not so necessary for reading, but if you're practicing writing and you want to be sure you're getting every last detail right, it's quite necessary. Otherwise I'd have to just stick with the Android version of Anki which can zoom by default.
on 2017-12-10
It works fine, however whenever I undo a review it goes back to the default size. Would be better it this didn't happen
on 2017-03-04
Great for zooming text. Does not zoom images.

For zooming text it is 5 stars.
But zooming images is an essential features which many users have commented on.
Please incorporate zooming images to this add-on.
Thank you so far for your work.
on 2016-10-02

Thank you so much!!! This is freakin awesome! Exactly what I was looking for.
on 2016-09-04
Doesn't zoom for images

Otherwise it is great.
on 2016-08-21

Great for laptops displaying asian languages. No more eye strain! ;)
on 2016-08-16

One of the best add ons I've seen yet!!! Thank you so much!!!
on 2016-08-11

Thanks man, using Anki on a laptop can be hard on the eyes as the text is too small. I don't usually review stuff but I just had to say a massive thanks to you for this. Thanks again!!!
on 2016-07-12
Just what I was looking for

With the desktop client, I can now use Ctrl +/- to make the text of Chinese characters bigger/smaller.
on 2016-05-04
Works perfect

Thank you for this great add-on ;-)
on 2016-04-22
Doesn't work on images :l

But will be useful for those who want a bigger font. I want to thank the uploader for the effort, anyways.
on 2016-03-09
Doesn't Zoom Images

Only makes typed fonts bigger. Doesn't 'zoom' in on images.
on 2016-03-03

it's doesn't zoom in, it just makes the font a bigger size.
not what i was looking for. i can use a bigger font if i want without an addon.
on 2016-02-14

Zooms, unzooms, lets you set a standard zoom level. It's pretty cool.
on 2016-01-16

hey......about this addon......I cann't help appreciating you.....after using this......I don't need to adjust the font size for meeting different resolution monitor any more......many thanks.........
on 2015-12-10

Simple and to the points. Just what I needed!
on 2015-11-29
does note work with images

i'm using occupying image addon and this add on dose not zoom images just the image scrolls down
on 2015-11-24

Your text is too small? That's the add-on for you :D My Ankilayout is perfect now!
on 2015-08-31
So simple and yet so useful

The add-on does what is says and does it well.

Hopefully this feature will be part of Anki in the future.

One minor annoyance: The zoom will reset if you suspend/delete a card. To change this behaviour you can comment the following line out by prepending a '#':

#addHook("movedToState", reset_zoom)
on 2015-08-05
Saved my day!

Don't know why the default font size is so big in Anki.

This should be a built-in feature.
on 2015-04-27
Perfect for high resolution monitors

Fonts looked too small to read comfortably on my Surface Pro 3 (SP3). Installing this made it easy to read my flashcards! Thank you to the developer.
on 2015-03-11

I'm so glad I thought to look if someone wrote an add on for this function. No idea why it's not just built in.
on 2014-12-25
Just what I needed

On the surface pro 3 anki displays very small text, in order for me to study my chinese cards I had to struggle to see the cards clearly. This add-on is just the right medicine to my delimma
on 2014-10-26
essential! for small screens - should be in by default

on 2014-08-01
perfect. This is just what I needed

on 2014-05-11
Verry Helpful

Thanks a lot for this! :-)

@other users: You don't have to zoom in every time. The zoom level can be saved.
Go to: Tools → Add-ons → Zoom → Edit...
Then change:
each to for example 2.5 then save the changes and restart Anki.
on 2013-12-02

This is what that other mess of an add-on should've been.