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Japanese Hiragana

0.76MB. 104 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-09-26.
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This deck is for learning the 104 Japanese Hiragana characters. You will see the character and the stroke order. Type in the matching Romaji. You will then see if you are correct and hear the matching Audio. Note: If you cannot see the characters, go to http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ Download and install the KanjiStrokeOrders font. I made this with the help of the KanjiStrokeOrders font from http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ and the audio files from Textfugu. If you have any questions or comments, email me. Good luck! -Al

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Romaji po
Tags Hiragana HiraganaMaru Kana
Romaji ge
Tags Hiragana HiraganaTenTen Kana
Hiragana しょ
Romaji sho
Tags Hiragana HiraganaYōon Kana

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on 1632411690
accurate and well done
on 1627768724
on 1626637681
has dakuten and handakuten unlike the other one, recommend it
on 1625626230
on 1624144173
It helps a lot in learning hiragana
on 1622532432
more hiragana, better
on 1621444736
on 1621153173
on 1620665872
on 1617876310
on 1617013388
I like it!
on 1616484117
on 1616364900
It's simply a great way to remember.
on 1615846609
Muito bom
on 1613296756
Full hiragana deck, not just the basic 46
on 1613054832
on 1612839885
The deck is really helpful, thank you for the effort. Is there a way to import the stroke orders into a mobile device? I can only see the stroke order when using AnkiWEB. AnkiDroid and Anki desktop software does not show the stroke order even if I already have the font downloaded from the mentioned link.
on 1608695277
on 1603557840
I like so much the Japanese
on 1603011458
Great deck, thank you!
on 1602865225
on 1596663761
ish very good
on 1595765674
It's good
on 1595689803
I wish instead of things like じゅ being ju in the deck that it would be jyu.
on 1594348100
on 1592856068
on 1592317938
on 1591632278
Conteúdo bastante informativo e de fácil entendimento
on 1591268566
Useful for initial learning
on 1589645652
Simple, gets the job done
on 1573784233
easy and clear
on 1568057969
it was recommended and has basic and advanced
on 1557755477
Simple and good.
I wish it worked without the typing.
on 1555903751
Great hiragana practice deck. Simple, accurate, no bloat.
on 1551011996
good job
on 1548088884
on 1547889718
on 1544102584
Great deck, personally I like the font used in this.
on 1540404880
Good deck for learning hiragana
on 1535585634
when download it says 0 out of 104 cards
on 1529693202
Thank you!