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This deck very thoroughly covers the physics specification for bmat. It also contains cards on the more difficult parts of bmat biology, chemistry and maths that may have not been covered at GCSE.

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Front Where is lipase made?
Back Small IntestinePancreas
Tags bmat_organ_systems
Front How does the pancreas control blood glucose concentration?
Back When blood glucose concentration is too high, the pancreas releases insulin into the blood.When the blood reaches the liver, glucose is removed, and stored as glycogen.  
Tags bmat_nerves
Front How is ammonia removed from the Haber Process reaction vessel?
Back It is cooled in the condenser and liquifies, allowing it to be removed.
Tags bmat_materials bmat_reactions

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quality effort
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lifesaver thank you! has a few things which are off spec though
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Wow the physics part is really really great! Thank you