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Minimalist's RTK 1+3 Kanji | blog.MatthewHawkins.co

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Doesn't contain any of the useless content that comes in other RTK decks. You will need to download the KanjiStrokeOrders font found here: http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ Contains: Kanji Keyword Heisig number At least 1 story per Kanji Note: This deck has been one I've used for over 2 years and may have a few extra kanji. I also moved a load of RTK 1 kanji which I deemed to be useless at the time to the RTK 3 deck to learn them later on. This should make it easier for you though. For tips on learning kanji with RTK go to the corresponding blog post here

Sample (from 3007 notes)

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Keyword parts of speech
Story "The big mouthed diretor is even picky about the parts of speech you use, shouting, ""More verbs! Less adjectives!"" and such all the time."
Heisig number 1865
Story 2 A Grammar is basically a word director that tells us what part of speech each word is.
Tags 日本語
Keyword tighten
Story "(astridtops) Spiderman managed to get behind the sovereign. (pick your favourite nowadays country ruler who isn't doing a good job). Spidey has tightend a web around the sovereing's throat. As long as the sovereign says what spidey whispers, he will be fine. Sovereign yelping : ' we will draw are troops back! and we will spend more money on healthcare, schools and less on wars!' Spidey whispering: ' If you continue at this pace, you might be doing good things AND the people will like you.'."
Heisig number 1340
Story 2 "The sovereign appears to be ruling, but in reality someone behind him (for instance his wife) has a thread around his throat, and if he dares to make a decision she doesn't like, she starts pulling the thread and tightens it around his throat."
Tags 日本語
Keyword pear tree
Story "The Japanese pear tree is the most profitable in the world, because it produces its fruit in pairs [sorry for the awful pun]."
Heisig number 907
Story 2
Tags 日本語

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Thanks for this. I've used a RTK deck before but it was not in the correct order, where as this one is. The layout is easy and simple with everything digestible and not an over-bombardment of information.

Great deck - thanks again.