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Raagaception's 12STD CBSE Deck (Science stream, PCM)

61.80MB. 0 audio & 1206 images. Updated 2021-09-28.

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Discord Server | Submit an issue | GitHub Repository | The largest, most comprehensive, community maintained CBSE/JEE/NEET flashcard deck for Anki on the internet, featuring... - 500+ cards from 11th grade NCERT, covering a few important topics from Physics and Chemistry. - 3530+ cards from 12th grade NCERT, covering several topics from Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc. - 6000+ cards for NEET prep. If you are new to this deck, or Anki in general, I highly recommend reading through the Getting Started tutorial. ! ! ! DISCLAIMER ! ! ! If you are updating, you need to install the deck via CrowdAnki import to preserve deck structure, and update note types. Updating via importing the Anki .apkg can throw errors, and mess up your note types and deck structure. This section of the GitHub ReadMe explains how to update the proper way via CrowdAnki.

Sample (from 8277 notes)

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Text {{c1::Potassium chloride::s-Block cpd}} is used as a fertilizer.
Back Extra
Tags Contributor::github.com/Sadhgun
Text {{c1::\(\ce{H2Te}\)}} is the strongest {{c2::reducing}} agent amongst all the hydrides of group 16 elements.
Back Extra
Tags Contributor::github.com/Raagaception
Text Stem tendrils which develop from axillary buds, are slender and spirally coiled and help plants to climb such as in {{c1::gourds (cucumber, pumpkins, watermelon) and grapevines}}.
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Tags Contributor::github.com/Sadhgun

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on 1659893731
Very very helpful
on 1657033210
on 1648365595
Abso-freaking-lutely loved it!! You guys, yes you, are doing such a worthy amount of work! Can't thank you all enough. Moreover JEE mains and NEET students shall absolutely surf through ncert right now!
on 1643857507
on 1643045738
i simply cannot believe this resource being free, thanks op!
on 1641186743
It is actually nice and helpful.
on 1638890095
This deck is the reason for my whole class 12th PCM. Thank you so so much.
on 1630515018
on 1629379489
great deck man...
anything on biology.
Comment from author
Yes! As of v1.2.0, the deck has ~4300ish Bio cards.
on 1629296515
Kudos to you man. wish I had this when I was giving JEE
on 1629296412
Immensely helpful for inorganic. I'll try my best to donate my cards to your cause after 11th!
Comment from author
Much appreciated. Looking forward to your contributions!
on 1627190965
It's amazing bro
11th ke liye bhi hai kya ?
Comment from author
I personally don't have a plan to make anything for 11th. But when v1.0.0 update releases (around October 2021) there will be a system where anybody can contribute new cards via GitHub. Depending on what people contribute, this deck could eventually have 11th class concepts too.

EDIT 14/02/2022 : As of v1.2.0, there are around 500 cards for 11th from Physics and Chemistry.
on 1626331295
phenomenal question set. please also complete the inorganic parts which you left out!
Comment from author
All inorganic groups are now present in the deck.
on 1623394388
great work bro
on 1621939825
Its such a well made deck! Awesome and super helpful.. thank you very much!
on 1621695385
Thanks for making such a detailed project! Are you making one for JEE too?
Comment from author
Nope, NCERT only.

EDIT 14/02/2022 : Yes. As of v1.2.0, I've received a significant amount of JEE and NEET cards contributed by the community on GitHub, which I have subsequently included. Update your deck to get the new content!
on 1621674959
Very helpful.
on 1621434942
Came here from your reddit post. You and u/zuriyath are the most dedicated people ever - very very helpful decks!!!
Comment from author
Surprise, surprise, zuriyath was contributor on this deck - PHY CH-04 was done by them!
on 1621434217
Well made deck with perfect tagging. The only criticism might be that some cards have too much information on them, but I guess some people may like that. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL MAN!
Comment from author
Submit an issue on GitHub for whichever card(s) you think can be improved. Cheers!
on 1621415330
Woah the card's styles are so cool. Can I know how you made them?
Comment from author
CSS styling. My code can be copied from the "Card Styling" section, plus check out r/Anki subreddit for more CSS ideas.
on 1621324660
the amount of detail and thoroughness of this deck is off the charts! i used the organic chemistry part and the cloze reactions make life much easier,thanks brother!