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MCAT Physics Equations

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A collection of almost every Physics equation you will need to know for the MCAT. These cover the content in the first 10 chapters in Kaplan's prep book. Almost all equations include a breakdown of the SI units of each equation- knowing the SI units will help you on test day!

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Front Potential Energy of a Capacitor
Front Finding Period of a Wave
Front Maximum Kinetic Energy of Ejected Electron and Work of Electron

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on 1681107125
It is well explained
on 1674181465
Link wrong
on 1669585244
on 1621003491
thank you
on 1619520270
Bipole lol. Good though!
on 1615312170
Really useful!
on 1595300883
Great deck to keep equations fresh.
on 1594676384
Couple things incorrect here and there BUT overall, this is a fantastic resource for learning the equations. Just make sure its not your ONLY resource to study from as the units on a very small number of cards have mistakes in them, so cross-referencing this with the Physics Kaplin book or something like it is HIGHLY recommended.
on 1593455429
So, so helpful!!!:)
on 1591738718
Genuinely incredible work put into this. Thank you so much.
on 1590697382
Like the other comment said, there is a mistake with the beta decay equations! Just make sure to change that. :)
on 1590085682
Beta decay equations are incorrect. Thermal expansion says to use kelvin but this is not necessary when using a change in temperature.
on 1588965276
on 1585178878
I tried to do something similar for myself, gave up when I saw this. Exactly what I needed for physics.
on 1573095350
This will surely help time in trying to format equations on the ANKI keyboard (or with terrible handwriting). Greatly appreciated!
on 1572757411
Quite good and well explained, conventions and symbols is a bit different
on 1571428784
on 1561656281
These are fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
on 1561431759