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TSL - TOEIC Service List (Eng-Eng-Jpn)

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This is a deck of flashcards of the ~1200 words most commonly found in TOEIC textbooks, practice tests, and other sources. In conjunction with the 2800 core English vocabulary in the NGSL, the TSL provides 99% coverage of all words encountered in TOEIC materials. I am in no way connected to the researchers and authors who developed or produced the TSL or NGSL. For more information about the TSL, visit their website: http://www.newgeneralservicelist.org/toeic-list

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Front airplane
Rank 102
English Definition a powered vehicle that flys through the air to its destination
Japanese Definition 飛行機
Part of Speech n.
Synonyms aircraft plane jet airliner
Front reluctant
Rank 952
English Definition not very willing to do something
Japanese Definition 気の進まない
Part of Speech adj.
Synonyms disinclined loath hesitant unenthusiastic unwilling indisposed averse
Front celebrity
Rank 522
English Definition someone famous
Japanese Definition 有名人; 名声
Part of Speech n.
Synonyms prominence fame popularity celeb personality notoriety acclaim superstar personality star luminary renown recognition icon stardom

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