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124.96MB. 4960 audio & 5 images. Updated 2016-08-21.

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WaniKani, 3 decks: vocab, kanji, radicals. Pretty useful, maybe you'll like it better than other decks.

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Vocab 屈辱
Vocab_Meaning Disgrace, humiliation
Reading くつじょく
Speech_Type Noun
Context_jp 前年度優勝校と一回戦で当たってしまい、屈辱的な敗北を味わったが、相手が悪かった。
Context_en We got matched up in the first round with last year’s champions and suffered a humiliating defeat. It was a bad match.
Meaning_Exp Yield a humiliation onto your life. What a disgrace. What a humiliation.
Reading_Exp This is a jukugo word that uses the on'yomi readings of the kanji. You should be able to read this on your own.
Kanji 屈, 辱
Kanji_Name Yield, Humiliate
Tags level48 vocab
Kanji_Meaning Return
Reading_On れい
Reading_Kun もど
Radicals 大, 戸
Radicals_Icons -
Radicals_Names Big, Door
Meaning_Mnemonic This door is big and you need to return it to its rightful owner. This door is too big and important looking to not belong to someone. You need to find its owner and return it to them.
Meaning_Info Heft this big door in your arms. It’s very heavy. Feel your arms tire as you look for who to return the door to.
Reading_Mnemonic You are in return mode (もど). When you enter this mode, you concentrate only on returning something. Nothing else matters in this mode. You’re in full on return mode.
Reading_Info You’re obsessed with returning this big door. Once you enter this mode, the only way to get out is to return the thing you have.
Tags level37 kanji
Vocab 大人
Vocab_Meaning Adult
Reading おとな
Speech_Type Noun
Context_jp 大人たちは居酒屋に行った。
Context_en Some adults went to an izakaya.
Meaning_Exp This kanji combines big and person. If you're a child, how do you think of adults? You just think of them like big people. That's why this combination of kanji means adult.
Reading_Exp Im an adult, which means I have adult responsibilities. Oh, Toner (おとな)? I need some of that for my terrible printer...' ... now feel so sad you have such a terrible printer that runs out of toner every day. Ohhhh Toner!
Kanji 大, 人
Kanji_Name Big, Person
Tags level1 vocab

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on 1593263051
Very useful and saves quite a lot of time instead of doing it yourself. Despite the missing bits and pieces, it's a great piece of work. I had to add mnemonics for the other readings as well as the additional kanjis, but overall it has saved me a ton of time! You have my respect!
on 1557769108
For linux, the comment with the instructions on how to fix the broken radicals works, but you have to RUN the .ttf file by opening it and pressing the button in the little window after it's in the folder, then restart anki :) worked for me thanks
on 1554992100
Each vocab word has a tag that says which level it is. This is awesome because I already know a lot of vocab, so I can use the tags to study vocab that's at the right level.

I also like the fact that it includes example sentences.

I wish the cards had Japanese definitions though.
on 1549601195
on 1546667971
Great deck! Unfortunately I’m getting “{incorrect format }” for most of not all of the vocab, any fix?
on 1531924053
Thank you for your hard work!
on 1527811200
I already did Wanikani up to lvl 23. Then I stoped for one year. This is the perfect way for me to go over it one more time before resuscribing. Thank you.
on 1527724800
There are missing kanji, but you can download them. Super deck.
on 1524787200
Wow it looks very good, so beautiful, I don't know if all those comments about missing features or things like that are true or so important but I will give a like :D
on 1521244800
it's missing literally 10+ vocabs for each level, which is like 500+ in total
not to mention level 51-60 is not included, still helpful anyways, just too bad I guess
on 1515024000
So helpful, so good
on 1508457600
Missing Kanji

only goes up to lvl 50 (instead of 60) plus missing tons of kanji wow really incomplete deck, should be posted on the description
on 1501545600
How to fix Broken Radicals

Fixing the broken/missing radicals is easy.
(For Windows)

1. Download the font "WakaFont" (used for displaying special WaniKani radicals)from here: https://wakafont.surge.sh/WakaFont-dist.zip

2. Open the .zip file and click on "Fonts" folder. From there look for "WakaFont_0171c8d52806f1098628c00a932db286.ttf" . The extension type of the file is True Type Font(.ttf)

3. Open the Anki collection folder on your PC. (To find the folder ,type %Appdata% on the start menu and look for "Anki2"-->"User1" or whatever user profile you use the deck in -->"collection.media")

4. Extract the .ttf file here.

5. Rename the .ttf file to "_WakaFont_0171c8d52806f1098628c00a932db286.ttf" (here "_" has been added to the start of the name of the .ttf file)

6. Close the folder and restart Anki

This should fix the radical issue

Additional references:
on 1501372800
wanikani ios template FIX

To fix the vocab card template error for anki on iphone ios I deleted the following lines from the vocab card template (towards the bottom of the back template) using the main anki program.

{{#Context_jp}}<u><span class="text"><b>Context Example</b></span></u><br><span class="text">
{{furigana: Context_jp}}{{Context_jp}}</span><span class="text">({{Context_en}})</span>{{/Context_jp}}

delete the above lines and replace them with these lines below and it should work ok, it did for me!;

{{#Context_jp}}<u><span class="text"><b>Context Example</b></span></u><br><span class="text">{{Context_jp}}</span>
on 1499817600
Very useful but not complete

The deck is very useful if you are trying to find a way of learning Kanji and vocabulary in tandem. I have learned all Kanji with Heisig's method and was looking for a way of cementing the Kanji knowledge while learning readings and vocabulary, this deck makes it easy. I simply ignored the Radicals deck, as Wanikani radicals and stories are in conflict with the Heisig ones.

Sadly, level 23 is missing from the Kanji deck for some reason, but the affected Kanji can be reconstructed from the vocabulary deck and inserted manually. The missing Kanji are 乳, 俳, 停, 備, 優, 則, 割, 収, 呼, 城, 宅, 導, 崎, 師, 幹, 張, 律, 施, 沢, 準, 演, 現, 看, 秀, 職, 裁, 規, 護, 贅, 革, 鬼. The associated keywords are Milk, Haiku, Halt, Provide, Superior, Rule, Divide, Obtain, Call, Castle, House, Lead, Cape, Teacher, Tree, Stretch, Law, Carry, Swamp, Standard, Perform, Present, Watch, Excel, Employment, Judge, Standard, Defend, Luxury, Leather, Demon.

I recommend making an extra field "my story" in the Kanji deck early on so that you can write down your own associations for characters you have trouble with.
on 1495584000
To fix the broken radicals...

To fix the broken radicals, import this first - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1043263385 - then import this big humongous deck next.

I'm still in the middle of NihongoShark's Kanji Deck until I stumble this deck. Sucks I found out about this deck a bit later when I got almost a month in studying the RTK method. This deck is almost 5 stars for me but because of the broken radicals (which can be easily fixed), I gave this 4 stars.

Also, I'm not sure how to approach in studying this deck. Maybe separate the deck in subdeck to another subdeck which would be level1 upwards since the order is a bit messed up.
on 1493337600
Needs Missing Radicals

Like the other reviewers have said, the radical cards need to be fixed before this deck can be truly useful.
on 1489622400
Some radicals are indeed missing

Does anyone have an updated version, with all radicals available?
on 1482364800
Best Deck Out There

Took a Japanese class where a two stellar classmates recommended this, and honestly it has turned my life around! It splits your learning into three parts: radicals, kanji, and kotoba WHILE providing mnemonics for them (that you can later customize yourself) so that you don't have to painstakingly memorize each and every one through repetition. Am gradually learning but am proud of my progress! Simply perfect!
on 1479600000
Great Deck

I love this deck, but on Anki iOS the vocab deck comes up invalid template, does anyone have a fix
on 1473724800
Missing lesson

This has pretty much been exactly what I've been looking for to keep myself up to speed on past lessons. The only problem I've run into is that the kanji for lesson 23 seem to be missing. They aren't part of the level23 tag. Also, this only goes up to 50 and doesn't include the "bonus" levels.