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5000 Most Frequent Chinese Words [With Wiktionary Entries]

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This deck contains the 5000 most frequently used Chinese words, sorted from most frequent, to the least. Many of the words have example sentences to show how the word is used. Every word has a button to view the Wiktionary entry of that word! Works offline, no internet connection needed. There are over 17 000 example sentences scattered through the cards of this deck! And there are some separate decks to focus your study on sentences. Keep in mind: 1. the English translations (of the example sentences) were done by machine translation. 2. this is an early alpha, so there are plenty of issues with the deck; but those issues will slowly get fixed as I update the deck. 3. this deck works much better in the computer version of Anki. -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

Sample (from 111583 notes)

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Front 真的吗?
Back zhēn de ma?
3 Really?
Front 好运,阿克塞尔!
Back Hǎo yùn, ā kè sài ěr!
3 Good luck, Axel!
Front 我再也不想那些!
Back Wǒ zài yě bùxiǎng nàxiē!
3 I don't want those anymore! I do not want that!

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on 1654076758
I am a native Chinese speaker and some of the Chinese is quite funny or too formal, but I don't think it affects communication.
on 1651965322
This is an extensive deck that includes pronunciation, the character, the pinyin, definition, samples, and so much more for each word. This deck is worth the download!
on 1638049595
Very helpful in my studies!
on 1633022952
thank you。
on 1627416719
Very good, as always.
on 1627407761
on 1627320207
Thank you for all your support for the Anki language community.
on 1624860357
Working on a frequency basis is an excellent approach, as is using sentences to learn word meaning via context. Looking forward to trying this deck.