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Heisig's RTK 6th Edition- Stories, Stroke diagrams, Readings

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Sample (from 2200 notes)

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id 2140
frameNoV4 1986
frameNoV6 2140
keyword burdensome
constituent burdensome, team of horses, plump, large, St. Bernard, drop
strokeCount 14
lessonNo 54
heisigStory Team of horses . . . plump.
koohiiStory1 If a passenger is too plump and heavy, its too burdensome for the horse.
koohiiStory2 If your horses get so plump to be good for nothing they just become burdensome.
jouYou JH
jlpt 1
onYomi ダ、タ
words 駄作(ださく): poor work, rubbish無駄遣い(むだづかい): waste money on, squander money on, flog a dead horse下駄(げた): wooden clogs駄目(だめ): no, no good, hopeless無駄(むだ): futility, uselessness
Tags JLPT_1 Jouyou_JH
id 1667
frameNoV4 1547
frameNoV6 1667
keyword bag
constituent bag, person, surface, grow up, scarf
strokeCount 10
lessonNo 40
heisigStory Keep this kanji distinct from that for sack (Frame 1081). Its elements are: person . . . surface.
koohiiStory1 Superficial people (ie those who are only concerned about the surface) are obsessed with expensive bags.
koohiiStory2 Do you know why every person in Japan has a Louis Vuitton bag? After the 1985 JAL air crash that killed 520 people (the world´s worst). An image on tv of the crash showed Louis Vuitton bags (whose LV logo covered surface was somehow impervious) litering the crash site. From that point on they stuck in Japanese people´s mind´s as durable and high quality. (True story).
jouYou 5
jlpt 1
onYomi ヒョウ
kunYomi たわら
words 土俵(どひょう): arena
readingExamples 俵 (たわら)
Tags JLPT_1 Jouyou_5
id 1203
frameNoV4 1122
frameNoV6 1203
keyword confectionary
constituent candy, flowers, fruit, rice field, brains, tree, wood
strokeCount 11
lessonNo 30
heisigStory Flowers . . . fruits.
koohiiStory1 This candy is made in the shape of a flower, each petal with the taste of a different fruit.
koohiiStory2 Candy is coloured like flowers and flavoured like fruit.
jouYou JH
jlpt 2
words 菓子(かし): pastryお菓子(おかし): confections, sweets, candy
Tags JLPT_2 Jouyou_JH

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on 1628990348
Includes stroke order
on 1626462309
- Great deck!
on 1622918988
Good deck. But some of the stories are kind of sexist or just really cringe... (ex. Frame #801: Broaden). Not sure who thought of those stories but I have to make up new ones for those.
on 1622469000
Excellent deck.
- Make sure you swap town and village keyword to reflect the latest edition of the book and to avoid confusion later on.
- Don't rely too much on Heisig's stories, especially if like me you're not a native English speaker and all his reference go over your head.
- Make your own stories inspired by Heisig, by the two koohi stories included or the ones on the koohi website.
- Put your stories or hints for your stories in the hint section for each card so if you forgot a kanji during review, you can look at its story to remember it
- The deck does not substitute for the book. You need to read the indication and advises that are in it.
- As the book said, don't neglect the story on kanji you starting to know well because when it's easy with 100 or 200 kanjis, it becomes a lot more complicated later on
- I like to review on my Android device putting AnkiDroid side by side with a simple drawing application (literally took the first one that came out) and a phone stylus for more precision.
on 1619402527
This deck is very complete, includes all features you need and the order is correct, in accord with RTK1 6th edition. The only fault is that some kanjis have the wrong readings(from older versions).
on 1619221628
I'm so glad I found this deck - it's the only one that works well with RTK.
Most importantly, it preserves the original order and shows keyword on the front side.
Thank you!
on 1618441373
I love it, just what I need, I like to try and draw the kanji to count it as reviewed so this is perfect.
on 1615600898
I like that it has the stroke order in a dotted square that way to you space the character correctly when writing it down
on 1612665747
Good deck, but I've found this other one to be a tad more useful:


Especially due to the addition of the radicals in the mnemonics.
on 1606058101
It's pretty much the best I've found. My suggestions to improve it:
- Add RTK 3.
- It needs a couple of the fixes mentioned in official RTK errata (town ⇌ village etc.).
- An animated stroke order (saves space), while still preserving the background guidelines.
- Have both Koohii stories enabled by default.
- Update the Koohii stories.
on 1597697821
I learned japanese because of this
on 1594941689
Love it so far! So much good work! My only minor complaint is that some of the stroke order images appear to be broken.

Update: I just found that the term 96 - 'town' and 221 - 'village' were erroneously swapped. Easy fix, just swap those back and replace the mentions in the first keyword and in Heisig's story.
on 1594061188
Hello, the template code below is a modification that puts the kanji as the front card and also allows you to type in your answers. Also it will tell if your answer was correct or not by green/red markings. Note, I do not take any sort of credit but this setting will allow you to type in your answers. Copy/paste the original template by browse ->RTK Deck -> Cards... Remember to back up the original settings in case you want to switch back.

Front Template:
<div class="front">
<span class="large japanese">{{kanji}}</span><br/><br/>
<!-- Uncomment if you want to see hints
<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><span class="tiny">{{hint:hint}}</span>

Back Template:
<div class="back">
<div class="front">
<span class="large japanese">{{kanji}}</span><br/><br/>
<!-- Uncomment if you want to see hints
<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><span class="tiny">{{hint:hint}}</span>
<span class="tiny">Lesson: {{lessonNo}} &nbsp; Frame: {{frameNoV6}} &nbsp; Strokes: {{strokeCount}} &nbsp; &mdash; &nbsp; Jouyou Grade: {{jouYou}} &nbsp; JLPT: {{jlpt}}</span><br/><br/>
<span class="tiny">Constituents: {{constituent}}</span>
<span class="medium">{{heisigStory}}</span>
{{#heisigComment}}<br/><br/><span class="small">{{heisigComment}}</span>{{/heisigComment}}
<span class="tiny">{{koohiiStory1}}</span>
<span class="small">On-Yomi: <span class="medium japanese">{{onYomi}}</span> &nbsp; Kun-Yomi: <span class="medium japanese">{{kunYomi}}</span></span><br/>
{{#readingExamples}}<span class="tiny">Examples: <span class="japanese">{{readingExamples}}</span></span>{{/readingExamples}}
on 1592251464
Has everything you need!
on 1590377673
Great companion to RTK 6th edition, incredible resource to study along with the book. Tried a couple other RTK decks and this was the best one I found.
on 1589830969
I like it a lot, the author did a good job BUT for some reason Anki skips some cards and I think it's because the id is different. I still have to figure out how to fix that.
on 1589813835
Wonderful, just like the book.
on 1573933458
An excellent deck for learning kanji with both Heisig and Kooning, and it also has readings and examples. Fantastic piece of work. It must have been a monumental effort. Thanks so much for sharing it! I’ll be sure to pay it forward!
on 1570563859
This is the one!
on 1566572054
By far the best deck for RTK study. Follows the study method that the book lays out perfectly. While I wouldn’t recommend relying too much on someone else’s stories, this deck provides some really clever ones for some difficult to story kanji. A+++
on 1565515785
on 1550935954
This is an ideal deck for RTK in my opinion. Keyword to Kanji is a given, but everything else here facilitates the use of the book. The Koohii stories offer really good backup when you can't think of a story, along with sample words to help give a connotation to a story. Jisho links also are just another help. Along with the lesson and frame numbers, to reference the book, backed up with images of the strokes to check yourself, it all helps.
Great work on the deck!
on 1549918327
This is a great deck!
on 1543755680
This deck is the perfect companion to the book. Not only does it use the flashcards pretty much the way Heisig recommends them, but it also adds two more crowdsourced stories for each kanji that I often found much better than the original ones. (I'd just recommend changing the back side template to show both, either one can be the more memorable one.)
on 1543156653
In other decks I get duplicates and I find anki very frustrating to tinker with.
I just downloaded it and reviewed a hefty amount of cards. And so far this is great. The info shown on the back is pretty much ordered as how I want it as well.
Thank you
on 1539916855
I've tried several decks for RTK, so far this one is the most complete and akin to the way Heisig recommends in regards to the use of flashcards. Thank you very much for this deck! Really appreciate the effort.
on 1537045421