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Katakana Reading Practice

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Revised 2nd Edition! Many Japanese learners find that their ability to read Katakana lags far behind their Hiragana. The main reason is that we just don't get as much exposure to Katakana. This is a deck of 1000 cards designed to give you the exposure you need to read Katakana with speed and confidence. The cards focus on foreign loanwords and proper names--lots of English, but also a selection of German, Dutch, French, Portugese, Chinese, and more. There is a healthy dose of wasei-eigo--"English" terms invented in Japan, like 'salaryman'--and you will also find cards illustrating other common uses of Katakana, such as onomatopoeia ("sound effects" words), company and brand names, names of animals, and so on. All of the Katakana are represented, and what I take to be the most common "extensions" to Katakana used to represent foreign sounds like 'v.' In addition to reading practice, I think these cards will help you develop a sense for how the Japanese "ear" hears and transcribes foreign sounds. I assembled this deck from a variety of sources, including my own vocabulary decks, Wikipedia articles, word frequency lists, and Anne Matsumoto Stewart's book "All About Katakana," (out of print, but available used for a very reasonable price). Making this deck really helped me to read Katakana with speed and accuracy--I hope it will do the same for you. If this deck is beneficial in your studies, would you please take the time to rate it and possibly leave a comment? It means a lot!

Sample (from 1000 notes)

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Japanese マロン
Meaning chestnut, metaphor for brown eyes
Origin French 'marron' (chestnut)
Tags Rev2
Japanese アマチュア
Meaning amateur
Tags Rev2
Japanese ディジタル
Meaning digital
Notes extended katakana: ディ (di)
Tags Rev2

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on 1604383910
Very helpful for practicing katakana
on 1595003615
Great exposure and quicker reading- I hope it helps with 外来語 I don't know as well due to coming from other languages such as
アンケート meaning questionnaire from French.
on 1590227138
Thank you for making this deck! It has a very good collection of words! For the next version, It could be even more helpful for people who struggle with katakana to include the reading in hiragana and to implement an answering system (maybe split each card to "reading" where the user must insert the hiragana reading, and "meaning" where the user must insert the English translation).
on 1589485114
It'll take me forever to get through it but I'm really enjoying improving my katakana. Also I had no idea there were so many Portugese loanwords in Japanese and then I learned it was because of missionaries.
on 1584610654
Good exposure to even some more infrequent combinations. Helps greatly to develop reading speed, a feel, and also extends your vocabulary.
on 1584136823
Very helpful for learning to quickly parse katakana.
on 1568624391
*contains some uncommon words that's not seen often anymore
*if you mature all 1000 cards you're likely to be a lot faster in decoding unseen katakana words
on 1555457668
Thank you! This deck really helped me get into daily practice of reading Katakana and taught me some new words.
on 1548632001
Thanks for your work!! This is helping me review katakana while learning new vocab.
on 1547585649
Excellent Deck, it really helped with my ability to smoothly read katakana
on 1543017511
What a great resource! I need to be able to actually read katakana instead of looking at each letter individually. I'm enjoying this deck immensely and seeing great benefit from it. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
on 1542660040
Works well for me!
on 1526601600
Thank you for your work!
on 1523750400
on 1519603200
Just like the title says this is a great resource for practicing Katakana reading, I've been using it for only a week but I'm already feeling the benefits. Is great for anyone who's struggling with Katakana like me for the lack of contact with it in study/reading material.