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German Federal States | Deutsche Bundesländer

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This deck contains all 16 federal states of Germany, including all capitals, geographical positions, coat of arms and flags. The pictures come with high resolution which helps to identify minor details e.g. in coat of arms. This package has 80 cards. (16 x 5). In case of improvement suggestions please use the comment section. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dieses Deck beinhaltet alle 16 Bundesländer Deutschlands, inklusive aller Hauptstädte, geografischen Lagen, Wappen und Landesflaggen. Die Bilder sind hochauflösend, wodurch auch kleine Details z.B. in den Wappen erkannt werden können. Dieses Deck hat 80 Karten. (16 x 5). Bitte lasst mich wissen, was euch an dem Deck gefällt und was nicht - und hinterlasst eventuell eine Wertung, damit sich andere daran orientieren können. Viel Erfolg!

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Bundesland Thüringen
Hauptstadt Erfurt
Bundesland Berlin
Hauptstadt Berlin
Bundesland Saarland
Hauptstadt Saarbrücken

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on 1630764042
Schönes Deck, danke.
on 1627738160
Peinlich, dass ich in Deutschland aufgewachsen bin und vorher nie was von Landesflaggen gehört habe und auch die Hauptstädte nur so mittelmäßig kann. Das ist ein tolles Deck um das zu lernen, besonders ansprechend finde ich, dass in klein obendrüber "Bundesland" oder "Hauptstadt" steht.
on 1626021569
on 1618079618
on 1612309117
Nice pictures; I won't use neither coat-of-arms nor flags, but I could and that's the point!
on 1609544718
Just works perfectly.
on 1609506735
Angelo Merte would recommend!
on 1606578104
on 1605547858
Very effective!
on 1601321086
School test
on 1597317611
Great deck! After just a week or so of using the deck I felt I had a much better understanding of where things were happening in Germany when hearing these place names in the news. Thanks!
on 1594578685
Well done! Great resource.
on 1593688130
Ausführlich und gut
on 1593337502
Danke! Thanks for the effort
on 1585842172
Really nice resource, thanks for putting this together.
I've added native audio for all of the place names, mass imported from Forvo, into new fields and added those to each card type.
If the audio is something you'd like to add to this deck I'd be happy to share the edited deck, I think having native audio would be a fantastic
addition to this deck. You could either just add the audio yourself using the MIA Dictionary Addon, should be publicly released now, it has Forvo integration and mass editing features so it's very quick to do.

Also, added a card with the blank version of the map used here, asking where each Bundesland is on the map, in addition to recognising each area. They've also be sorted into a more useful schedule, starting with the basic info for 4 states, then as you progress, the blank map card is introduced for the first states, then the flag, then the coat of arms. I found that having all of those cards thrown at you in the beginning was overwhelming so I sorted them in a way that made it easier.

Thanks again!
on 1573646254
Ganz große Klasse, mit vielen Informationen.
on 1570476798
Gute Bildqualität und alles dabei. Vielen Dank :-)
on 1568059829
Sehr gut
on 1560297237
Genau was ich gesucht habe!
on 1559176550
Großartig! Genau was ich gesucht habe! Danke für die Mühe! :3
on 1559073251
Really useful deck for memorizing German geography. Thank you!
on 1558388917
Sehr nützlich. Danke!
on 1556049186
Very helpful. Danke.
on 1548921100
Klasse Stapel - sehr schön gemacht!
on 1537269672
Sehr gut
on 1530535819
Sehr umfangreich, gute Grafik
on 1501632000
Great job!

High quality deck with high quality images.