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Wheelock's Latin Chapters 1-40 Vocabulary with audio

19.92MB. 818 audio & 0 images. Updated 2018-10-26.

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Cards containing the Vocābula from all chapters of Wheelock, with macrons and official audio. Cards are tagged with chapter numbers for easy reference. Some nouns with ambiguous gender have cards that prompt for the gender of the noun.

Sample (from 847 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Latin invideō, invidēre, invīdī, invīsum
English to be envious (+ dat.), to look at with envy, envy, be jealous of
English Derivatives
Tags Chapter-31
Latin pectus, pectoris (n.)
English breast, heart
English Derivatives
Tags Chapter-35
Latin discēdō, discēdere, discessī, discessum
English to go away, depart
English Derivatives
Tags Chapter-20

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Great learning tool! I highly recommend it. However, you might want to organize into groups to easily study one chapter at a time.
on 1668362310
My first semester of college Latin (at least the vocabulary portion) has been a breeze thanks to this phenomenal deck. Along the way I've made my own edits, added images, etc. as a way to personalize it, but that is absolutely not necessary. 10/10
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The simplicity of professional audio with words and their respective definitions make cards that are very accessible.

In response to another user’s comment, I created a filtered deck on the desktop version of Anki including “ deck:"Latin" (tag:Chapter-1 or tag:Chapter-2 or tag:Chapter-3 or tag:Chapter-4 or tag:Chapter-5 or tag:Chapter-6 or tag:Chapter-7 or tag:Chapter-8 or tag:Chapter-9 or tag:Chapter-10 or tag:Chapter-11 or tag:Chapter-12 or tag:Chapter-13 or tag:Chapter-14 or tag:Chapter-15 or tag:Chapter-16 or tag:Chapter-17 or tag:Chapter-18 or tag:Chapter-19 or tag:Chapter-20) “ in the search bar without the parentheses. YouTube videos can explain how to do this. I then went to “Browse” and selected the cards from the filtered deck and transferred them to a new deck that I created so I could keep reusing the cards. I did this for a college class where only chapters 1-20 are covered so this was very helpful for me.

Thank you very much for these cards. I’ve made decks for Assimil Spanish before and I know that it is a ton of work.
on 1661239750
THE deck for Wheelock's. Just perfect. With bidirectional cards and full audio.
on 1660218492
This is a fantastic deck.
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Thank you.
on 1612994287
An excellent deck! A truly great aid for Latin learning.
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on 1605389395
Very helpful, thanks
on 1604504546
Super helpful!
on 1604081460
I find the audio to be very helpful.
on 1603484870
so helpful
on 1602464508
Nice quality audio, haven’t noticed any mistakes. Some words have pretty similar definitions so I’ve added first-letter prompts where it was confusing [inveniō has “to come upon, find”, whereas reperiō has “to find, discover, learn; get”].

In terms of wish-lists, I guess one thing that would be very extravagantly nice would be example sentences using the words on the “reveal”-side of cards.

Anyway, thanks so much for putting together the list - I know it’s a bunch of work!
on 1600197055
Excellent work!
on 1593113634
The audio is good, and the format is spot-on
on 1592421618
Great deck! Going through the Wheelock method right now. Thank you for taking the time to make this!
on 1589886002
Unique piece of work!
on 1589228954
great job!
Thank you!
on 1589106170
very good!
on 1587036883
on 1584243457
Great study for starting to learn something...
on 1581972949
Awesome, great reference for the vocab. Audio files make studying new words out of class a breeze!
on 1577608726
I hope that it can be sorted into different Chapters for progressive learning.
on 1575389491
having the audio is really great!
on 1568220425
very helpful
on 1565891137
Pretty good!
on 1561395832
thank you so much!
on 1551760964
Excellent work!
on 1550762001
on 1546555584
Great to have the audio
on 1545427310
Thank you
on 1540633923
Thank you for the excellent deck
on 1539171276
Thank you so much for this. It will really help me
on 1533186503
Excellent deck. Thank you so much for the audio!