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Danish 8000 Sentences (Revamped)

63.09MB. 8190 audio & 0 images. Updated 2021-04-08.

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This is a deck of 8,000 Sentences in Danish with translations and audio, ordered from easiest to hardest. Make sure to set "Show new cards in order added" in your deck options. It is great for a beginner in Danish, as the cards start easy and get harder as you go. This deck is based on the deck "→ Danish 8 000 sentences sorted from easiest to hardest" https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1162908183 This is a modification, with the author's permission. Check out his deck page to see how he created the deck. Changes: - 2 way cards. There are cards asking Danish -> English, as well as English -> Danish. This way the knowledge is not just one way. - Audio updated to Danish TTS via AwesomeTTS and GoogleAPI. The pronunciation is much better now. - This also reduces the deck size from 144MB to ~65MB This deck is managed on Github using my ongoing Source<-->Anki management program Brain Brew. This allows the deck to be in an easily editable format in source control, so many maintainers can edit it, with the ability to transform the cards to or from Anki! If you are not technically minded but have made some changes/improvements to the deck that you would like to share with the other users, well your changes to this deck can be included simply by uploading an export of your current deck to a maintainer! Open an issue on the Github repo with a description of your changes, and we'll talk 👍 ❗ The Anki add-on Morphman is highly recommended for a deck of this size! ❗ While the deck may be ordered from easiest to hardest, there is still a lot of wasted time in reviewing things you already know. Seeing 5 different cards along the lines of "He touched her shoulder", "She touched his shoulder", "They...", etc, can get boring. Morphman will order the deck for you, so that you always only see at least 1 new word! It is a massive timesaver, though it takes a bit of effort to get setup. See this page for the best explanation I have seen, and there are plenty of YouTube videos that go over Morphman setup. Best of luck! Dansk er svært!

Sample (from 8191 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
sentence Jeg giver dig ikke skylden.
translation I don't blame you.
freq ranks [ 11 298 31 5 3000+ ]
Tags CardType::Sentence
sentence Dette pas er gyldigt i fem år.
translation This passport is valid for five years.
freq ranks [ 63 1371 1 2161 4 173 92 ]
Tags CardType::Sentence
sentence Du tager opvasken, Ben.
translation You wash the dishes, Ben.
freq ranks [ 7 66 3000+ 3000+ ]
Tags CardType::Sentence

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on 1656522628
This computer voice is horrible and shouldn't be taken for learning.
on 1650009846
Thank you so much for this great deck.
on 1646283135
Great deck to get started with Anki, its really helped me to get a toe-hold on the language. I'm currently about half way through it, and I'm going to start making my own cards from my immersion soon. I did have one strange thing happen (it's probably something I did), I seem to have 16,000 cards in my deck? And when I look at the cards detail, I have a "card 1" and a duplicate "card 2" when I "browse" the deck....but I'm too scared to delete anything! I'm not real tech savvy and don't want to lose my progress and stats on this deck by monkeying with anything.
on 1627768583
Thank you for the extra effort in making this deck more complete.
on 1626641051
Danish is notorious for having almost as many exceptions as it has rules, as well as having plenty of cultural "hverdagssprog" expressions whose meaning don't necessarily match the direct translation; learning the language in context is thusly particularly important for attaining conversational fluency. In this regard, the deck is spot on, and I highly recommend any Danish student to use this as an augment to more traditional-styled language study practices.

That being said, I would like to request a more concrete guide of how to set up MorphMan specifically for use with this deck. Getting MorphMan to work in the first place wasn't especially difficult when following the provided guide, but MorphMan contains a lot of options and preferences whose interactions are unclear, or may outright break the intended functionality of the deck.

A few examples I noticed:
1. Enabling card skipping in "Review Preferences" may result in Anki skipping over all card 2 (English->Danish) versions of each note, as MorphMan views them as having the same morpheme(s). This is a major issue, as translating from Danish->English and English->Danish serve very different but equally vital functions.
2. The deck's proprietary card type ("Sentences by Difficulty") has a field called "freq rank," whose function is unclear -- is it related to or used by MorphMan's frequency concept? If so, how should MorphMan be set up to utilise the field?

As an almost-fluent Danish speaker, I would appreciate having MorphMan quickly cut down the material to what I truly need to work on. The deck functions perfectly fine without MorphMan, however, so I hardly see the above as a dealbreaker.

Et par ord til sidst: jeg bruger denne samling til at forstærke mit ordvalg og viden om danske udtryk, da jeg stadigvæk har en ret stærk engelsk accent/"dialekt." Mine venner har nævnte, at de allerede kan bemærke en forskel efter kun et par dage. Godt gået, og tusind tak for din stor indsats!
on 1616718333
is it possible to implement native speaker sound with sentences ?
on 1607266738
Great, the only thing missing is the dictionary search option thats available with every other sentence pack. I'll try to implement it myself but it should really be included in this great pack
on 1603816000
Hi I downloaded this and all the colors of the background were red a little overwhelming, is there any way to make it back to normal? Thanks!
Comment from author
Sure thing, just edit one of the cards, click on the "Cards" button to edit the Card Templates, and inside "Styling" change the "Background-color" to whatever you want. Just delete that line to get it back to normal.
on 1582185398
Very good quality
on 1579953571
Very well structured
on 1577568679
Well done!
on 1577422196
This deck is very good. The only shame is that I can't have this deck and the original loaded in the app at the same time for some reason. The original presents the Danish spoken part as audio only initially whereas this version present the Danish part (front-side) with audio and text, which makes things much easier (too easy).

I'll have to work out how to create my own modification. The ideal solution would be to have two decks, one with Danish front side (audio only - but with the superior audio of this deck). While the other deck could have English text frontside with Danish audio and text on the reverse side.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback, you're right that the new Danish -> English cards are easier now that both the Text and Audio are shown. This is how I personally like it, but I expected I may make another type of card with only audio in the future.

If you wish to do this now there is no need to do anything with the old deck, you just need to go and edit the card template of the cards in this deck :) To get what you want you should remove "{{sentence}}" from the front template. Here, I've quickly thrown together a little how-to: https://imgur.com/gallery/8cgz5sO

I'm glad others get use out of the deck! Thanks again for the feedback, and let me know if you have any other ideas (for this deck or other useful Danish ones!). I'm only 900 cards into this deck (out of 16,000) and I've already found a few spelling mistakes and general grammar issues that were lingering from the original deck, which will be corrected in future releases. If you spot any more please do raise them as an issue on the Github linked above :)
on 1571892254
Great deck!