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French alphabet pronunciation

0.06MB. 26 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-11-04.
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The deck contains a card for a single letter with audio and text pronunciation. It also has 4 extra cards summarising a set of letters in a textual form. ------------------------------------------------------- >More decks by pyXelr<

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on 1669148253
My first Anki deck import; super handy!
on 1624373833
Really, good set of cards with pronunciation.

Very helpful
on 1601176877
Works, sounds good, great audio quality, and it taught me the french alphabet.
Comment from author
C'est génial !
on 1599212825
Very useful. Merci beaucoup.
Comment from author
De rien !
on 1594085471
on 1580355477
Good deck! Thanks bro
on 1573978991
I suggest French examples to make the deck universal (more usable for non-English speakers).
Comment from author
Thank you for the idea.
My intention was not to make a too extensive deck, but short and straight to the point. I believe that with the included audio pronunciation, it shall work for non-English speakers as well.
on 1572806800