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134 Integrals from Integral-Table.com

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An anki deck of all 134 integrals from integral-table.com by B.E.Shapiro, formatted with MathJax. Note that some of the integrals may be limited in their application and may not be very useful for some but they are included anyway for completeness.

Sample (from 134 notes)

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Front \[\int \csc^2 ax\ dx \]
Back \[ -\frac{1}{a} \cot ax\]
Tags Trigonometric
Front \[\int \sin^2 ax \cos^2 ax\ dx \]
Back \[ \frac{x}{8}-\frac{\sin 4ax}{32a}\]
Tags Trigonometric
Front \[\int e^{bx} \sin ax\ dx \]
Back \[ \frac{1}{a^2+b^2}e^{bx} (b\sin ax - a\cos ax)\]
Tags Exponentials Trigonometric

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nice but you forgot the +C on each answer
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Good job!!!
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Very useful and well-made.