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Japanese Core 2000 Step 06 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

23.29MB. 405 audio & 250 images. Updated 2015-12-02.
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This is the 6th step of Japanese Core 2000 This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have. Lower intermediate level

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Expression 赤ちゃんが自動車のおもちゃで遊んでいる。
Meaning The baby's playing with the toy car.おもちゃ -- toy, plaything
Reading あかちゃん が じどうしゃ の おもちゃ で あそんで いる
iKnowID sentence:249297
iKnowType sentence
Expression 男の子
Meaning boy, baby boy
Reading おとこのこ
iKnowID item:436742
iKnowType item
Expression 郵便局
Meaning post office
Reading ゆうびんきょく
iKnowID item:377141
iKnowType item

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I like it it helps
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Good, I feel like some cards are repeated from previous decks. I just delete those that aren’t useful
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The phrases and vocabulary are useful to know. Overall, the deck feels similar in difficulty to Step 05.
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