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Deutsche Artikel - German Articles

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This is a simple deck to help learn german articles. It consists of single-sided cards: the front provides the article type, gender, and case, the back provides the article itself. The article type is either the definite article (bestimmter Artikel) or the indefinite, negative, and possessive articles (unbestimmte / negative / possessive Artikel). Note that other possessive articles (ihr, dein, unser, etc.) behave in exactly the same way, but for the sake of brevity, are not listed in the cards. There are some entries where the article is followed by, say, (...-s). This indicates that the following noun should have an s or es (as appropriate) appended to it.

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Note ID 85086917226
Artikel unbestimmte / negative / possessive Artikel
Geschlecht Feminin
Kasus Nominativ
Beispiel ein- / kein- / mein-
Antwort eine / keine / meine
Note ID 85086917206
Artikel bestimmter Artikel
Geschlecht Maskulin
Kasus Nominativ
Antwort der
Note ID 85086917235
Artikel negative / possessive Artikel
Geschlecht Plural
Kasus Akkusativ
Beispiel kein- / mein-
Antwort keine / meine

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Maybe add some cards for plural of indefinite articles ? - which is the Nullartikel.