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Biblical Hebrew - All Forms of Qatal

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All forms that the verb Qatal קטל can take in the Qal Stem, and the major derived Stems. (195 forms) Tagged, so you can practice only the Qal stem for example by selecting "stem_Qal" tag, or only the 3ms forms by selecting the "main" tag. Add any other stems by selecting their tags, or practice only Perfect or Imperfects, by choosing "con_perfect" or "con_Imperfect". Have fun!

Sample (from 195 notes)

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Hebrew תִּתְקַטְּלוּ
Stem Hithpael
Conjugation Imperfect
Person/Gender/Number 2mp
Root קטל
Tags con_Imperfect stem_Hithpael
Hebrew תִּקָּטֵל
Stem Niphal
Conjugation Imperfect
Person/Gender/Number 3fs/2ms
Root קטל
Tags con_Imperfect stem_Niphal
Hebrew נִקְטַל
Stem Niphal
Conjugation Perfect
Person/Gender/Number 3ms
Root קטל
Tags con_Perfect main stem_Niphal

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