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Russian — 3000 Most Frequently Used Words [v. 1.2]

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This deck contains the 3000 most frequently used Russian words, sorted by order of frequency. Almost every word in this deck has 1 to 6 example sentences. The sentences start showing after the first 30 cards of this deck. -=-=-=-=-=-=- When you open this deck, you should see a square with some lines inside. Hover your mouse over a line to show example sentences when available — and to see the detailed English translation. (If you are on mobile, tap the line.) — And why are there so many example sentences? Example sentences are important because: (a) they help you memorize the word, (b) they help you understand how to use the word, (c) they improve your reading speed — the more you read, the faster you get. Just memorizing individual words is pretty much pointless — real fluency comes when you immerse yourself in text. Hence almost every card has plenty of example sentences. -=-=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ Update [v. 1.2] - Divided the deck into two subdecks: > One subdeck with "English to Russian" > Other subdeck with "Russian to English". - Added better audio.

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Frequency Rank 1146
Russian воображение
English (Simplified Translation) imagination, fancy, fantasy
Example Sentences (Translation) Я включил воображение.I used my imagination.
Example Sentences Я включил воображение.
English (Detailed Translation) n. imagination, fancy; fantasy, make believe
Frequency Rank 2933
Russian домик
English (Simplified Translation) small house, lodge, cabin, box
Example Sentences (Translation) В прошлом году они построили летний домик.Last year they built a summer house. Симпатичный домик.It's a pretty house.
Example Sentences В прошлом году они построили летний домик. Симпатичный домик.
English (Detailed Translation) n. lodge, cabin; box
Frequency Rank 1373
Russian действовать
English (Simplified Translation) act, operate, work
Example Sentences (Translation) Нам нужно действовать как команда.We need to work as a team. Пора действовать.It's time for action. Я буду действовать по вашему совету.I will act on your advice. Вам нужно действовать.You need to act.
Example Sentences Нам нужно действовать как команда. Пора действовать. Я буду действовать по вашему совету. Вам нужно действовать.
English (Detailed Translation) v. act, do; proceed; function, operate; move; affect

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on 1657322974
Thanks for the effort, but I feel this deck kinda leads you to confusions and has a lot of mistakes. One example, some words there are from different cases as "слова" (genitive) and "слово" (nominative) without indicating which case they are from. Some translations are just wrong and verbs from different aspects misleads you. Also, there are some "words" that are actually conjugated verbs, really confusing.
on 1655891185
The deck is excellent, but has one important flaw: in Russian it's very important whether the verb is perfective or imperfective. This should be made clear in the description. Otherwise, the beginner must jump to Wikipedia for each verb.
on 1654192719
To find
on 1647258559
first 100 words well chosen
on 1647017596
Amazing deck. Firstly, the chosen words are very frequent. But where this deck really shines in it's useful examples - reusing words you've just learned to help you memorize even faster. 100% recommended over any other deck for Russian :)
on 1646622745
on 1644255903
So I like the layout of the cards, and the examples. However for some reason in my download it says it's missing audio packets and it can't play the sounds on many of them.
on 1643973836
Very good deck, thank you for making it! The sentences are really useful, especially with some prior knowledge of grammar. (Many of the sentences that appear in the first words are complex and would be quite challenging for beginners). I have two problems and I'd much appreciate if you could give me pointers on how to solve them:
(1) On ios, the box with the sentences appears but clicking on the lines does not show the sentences. The box changes (there is empty space) but the sentences don't show. I resort to clicking on 'edit' but it's not ideal. Closing the app and reopening doesn't work. Any suggestions on how to fix?
(2) I am aware that there are two subdecks. Is there a way of mixing them together, so that words that were once introduced in Russian can later be reviewed also in the english->russian direction, without having to open the subdecks individually?
Many thanks for any advice and thanks again for this super useful deck :)
on 1642983221
Simple and straightforward
on 1642945219
Great deck
on 1642642950
Provides multiple meanings and gives example sentences for each word.
on 1642627957
on 1641536047
Favorite deck I've found. Really like the audio and that it's split into EN-RU and vice versa.
on 1638023145
Thank you a lot. Appreciate the work and time you put into this deck
on 1637922974
Nice ! I'm building languages' decks for Anki, if you're interesting don't hesitate contacting me !! :)
on 1631617012
Example sentence and sentence and detailed translation is not showing on version Anki Version ⁨2.1.47 (dc156f34)⁩ on windows
Comment from author
When you open this deck, you should see a square with some lines inside.
Hover your mouse over a line to show example sentences when available — and to see the detailed English translation. (If you are on mobile, tap the line.)

Example sentences really start showing up after the first 20 cards.
on 1631218240
Absolutely the best deck for Russian I have ever tried; potentially the best Russian deck on this entire page, for one sole reason: the example sentences.
Raw vocab mining is only one part of learning a language. I relied too much on vocab-only flashcards when I was starting to learn Chinese and then felt kind of stressed when I knew what the individual words meant but not the meaning they put together in the sentence itself.

By cramming so many sentences into each card, this deck not only helps you get much better at reading Cyrillic, but also shows you how words are used in context - this is key to being able to form sentences. I edited the cards so the sentences would show automatically when they were flipped; I think this helps in terms of speed but I could be wrong.
on 1631172147
Good for Russian learners
on 1631122506
Truly amazing
on 1628934918
I used Forvo Pronunciation Downloader ( anki-forvo-dl ) addon to add native speaker sound on each word. I think this is a great tip and maybe author could update it like that. Overall I am really enjoying example sentences, it makes my brain to make connections
on 1627417009
Very good
on 1625672666
You are the best. These cards are great!
on 1620211104
on 1620184704
on 1619280163
Love this deck, and the audio greatly helps. Would it be possible to reduce it down to the 1,000 most common?
on 1619031156
It's great! Thank you! Some specific word mistakes(will maybe add more later): Older-старшая, however, card says over.
on 1617586161
The example sentences are a great resource to go along with each vocabulary word. I recommend this deck after or while learning some basics of Russian grammar. An awesome resource!
on 1617239622
Great. Thank you for making this.
on 1617026539
My MacBook Pro informed me that there is no application to open the document. I will give it a thumb up when I can actually open and use it.
Comment from author
Are you sure you have installed the Anki app? In order to use this deck, you must install the Anki application.
Search "download Anki for mac".

The MacOS version of Anki is paid, but the android/windows version is free. I have no affiliation with the developer of Anki, by the way.
on 1615659091
There really is a bunch of useful stuff, though it all seems to be made automatically, and certain nuances can lead learnes to confusion. For example, there is a card for "белок", which means protein. However, белок could be a form of the word белка, which means squirrel and is a more frequent word. It winds up that on the card for protein, the deck shows a bunch of unrelated phrases such as "he loves squirrels".
on 1613509868
Translations of words are random and confusing. Meanings come in no particular order - it would have been better to show them in the order of frequency. Nouns and verbs might be ok, but you've made a mess with the prepositions. One letter words are pronounced wrong: Preposition "B" is pronounced as [v], not [ve].
Comment from author
This is fair criticism, but the important part of this deck, are the example sentences.

The individual word translations are just there to give you an overall idea of what the word means... they are not the main focus of this deck. The main focus is the example sentences.

This deck is just a vehicle to pratice reading, this 'reading' being the example sentences of the deck.

The perfect solution to the issues that you're pointing out, would be to include the Wiktionary entry for each word, include it on each card, just like I did with my deck of French words: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/893324022

I will do it when I have the chance.
on 1613225737
One of the best decks to learn Russian out there. I can't help but wonder if you can kindly add the audio for the sentences as well? Thank you for creating this deck.
Comment from author
I could but it's hard to do right now, because my current to-do list is quite big. Perhaps in the next update of the deck.
on 1612535772
on 1611169995
It's wonderful, very useful
on 1608990367
Very nice
on 1608061171
Seems very nice!!
on 1607539673
Excellent. Tried some expensive apps for russian vocab. This is better than them all. Example sentences and wiktionary links are extremy useful.
on 1607182551
I really enjoy these example sentences
on 1605381137
on 1603167836
Perfection. Real Russian voice saying each word, accurate translations and even a countdown timer to keep you sharp. Very good
on 1602728816
It mixes "Russian to English" and "English to Russian" in the same deck, instead of creating a subdeck. If this is fixed, it'll be perfect.
Comment from author
Fixed in the last update.

Now that it is fixed, could you give a thumbs-up? Thanks.
on 1600502251
real russian voice
on 1599631380
Good job!
on 1591190235
Helpful and won't make non-native speakers wanna kill themselves.
on 1590431545
This helped me so much!
on 1587686262
I like this deck so much. it goes on gradually from A1 to A2 to B1 etc. and it has good audible content along with the various meanings of the vocabs with sentences.
on 1587086751
A useful deck for beginners. I would totally recommend it to anyone who intends to learn Russian and is looking for a vocabulary resource.
on 1553537772
works well