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40 Independent Speaking Questions for TOEFL Test

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You have 15 seconds to prepare, 45 seconds to respond. My personal tip is that you should have a wide range of knowledge, even though this will not improve your score. Because when you really have something to say on a topic (and who knows the topic is), you will be able to confidently answer. With confidence, you don’t have to seek out advanced vocabulary or complicated structures in order to show how proficient you are in English; it will come to you naturally. With practicing, you will find that you can talk for more than 45 seconds with less than 15 seconds to prepare. Remember, confidence is a combination of knowledge and practice.

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Question Some people give money as gifts to friends. Others try to give a specific kind of present. Which kind of gift do you prefer giving to a friend?
Question To find out about a course subject, would you prefer to go and ask a teacher about it, or talk to a student who has already taken the subject?
Question Would you prefer to go on a trip overseas to a new country with a companion you know, or just by yourself?

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