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Toki Pona words sorted by usage frequency

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A copy of https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1548566798 -- but sorted by observed word frequency usage, so you can learn the most important words first. Word frequencies come from online chatrooms where toki pona is the only permitted language.

Sample (from 122 notes)

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Word tan
Meaning prep from, by, because of, sincen origin, cause
linja pona
Tags base preposition
Word anu
Meaning conj or
linja pona
Tags base particle
Word lukin (also oko)
Meaning n eyevt see, look at, watch, readvi look, watch out, pay attentionmod visual(ly)to seek, look for, try to
linja pona
Tags base noun pre-verb verb

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on 1680393617
ni li pona
on 1677067542
on 1643497710
on 1604308486
Does exactly what it says on the tin