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Life in the UK test

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Some useful facts (by no means complete) for the Life in the UK residency test.

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Front When was Magna Carta issued?
Back In 1215, King John was forced to limit his power. It started the parliament. Also the independent legal system started to form, based on precedents in England, and codified in Scotland.
Front What are famous British films?
Back * The 39 Steps (1935), dir. Alfred Hitchcock;* Brief Encounter (1945), David Lean;* The Third Man (1949), Carol Reed;* The Bells of St. Trinian’s (1954), Frank Launder;* Lawrence of Arabia (1962), David Lean;* Women in Love (1969), Ken Russel;* Don’t Look Now (1973), Nicolas Roeg;* Chariots of Fire (1981), Hugh Hudson;* The Killing Fields (1984), Rolland Joffé;* Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), Mike Newell;* Touching the Void (2003), Kevin MacDonald.
Front What are the court systems in the countries of the UK?
Back Civil disputes go to county courts.Minor criminal cases go to Magistrates court (E/W/NI) or Justice of Peace court (Sc). The judges are often unpaid.Major cases: Crown Court (E/W/NI) or Sherif Court / High Court (Sc). Usually with jury (maybe not in Sheriff court). 12 jury members in E/W/NI and 15 in Sc.

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