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Japanese Onomatopoeia and Mimetic Words by Onomato Project

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The first set of Japanese Onomatopoeia and Mimetic words from http://onomatoproject.com uploaded directly by the author.

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Romaji jitto
Katakana ジッと
Hiragana じっと
English Sentence Mother: Sit still during your meal.Daughter: But I hate natto!
Definition motionlessly (e.g. stand, wait); (be) still; fixedly (e.g. gaze, stare); intently (e.g. listen, think)
Romaji Sentence Okaasan: Gohan no toki ha ______ shiteinasai.Musume: Datte natto ga kirain da mon.
Japanese Sentence お母かあさん: ご飯はんのときは______していなさい。 娘むすめ: だって納豆なっとが嫌きいなんだもん。
Romaji dossari
Katakana ドッサリ
Hiragana どっさり
English Sentence Tanaka: Want to go for a drink tonight?Ueda: Sorry, I can't. I've got a shit ton of work left to do tonight.
Definition lot of; heaps
Romaji Sentence Tanaka: Konya nomi ni ikanai?Ueda: Iya, konya ha shigoto ga ______ nokotteru kara muri da.
Japanese Sentence 田中たなか: 今夜こんや飲のみに行いかない?上田うえだ: いや、今夜こんやは仕事しごとが______残のこってるから無理むりだ。
Romaji katto
Katakana カッと
Hiragana かっと
English Sentence When I went to pull a prank on my friend who was nodding off, I was surprised when his eyes suddenly popped wide open.
Definition (1) flaring up; burning hotly; suddenly becoming bright(2) flying into a rage; losing one's cool(3) opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes, mouth)(4) acting resolutely;
Romaji Sentence Inemuri shiteiru tomodachi ni itazura shiyou to shitara totsuzen me wo ______ aketa no de bikkuri shita.
Japanese Sentence 居眠いねむりしている友達ともだちにいたずらしようとしたら突然とつぜん目を______開あけたのでびっくりした。

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on 1681670626
well made and very helpful
on 1681429899
I don’t think this really makes sense to me, cause the images are always miserable, which can hardly help me remember it. And the meanings maybe obscure sometime. It’s just increase my study time everyday with little effect.
on 1639608726
Really enjoy using this deck. Helps with reading manga.

One thing is that you can use this with night mode (as you can see with the lineart).
on 1638466758
Not sure why the last reviewer downvotes this for something they fixed themselves without much work. The layout isn't perfect, but easily adjustable, and the content is great. (And that's what's really important, because making good content yourself is a lot of work.)
on 1490659200
on 1488844800
on 1483660800
Decent content, sloppy execution

In the state you download it the deck is a bit half assed and not ready for use. However, the basic content is good and after a few tweaks to the card layout and some minor changes to the content as you go along it is a worthwhile resource.

Deserves 2-3 stars as downloaded, and 4-5 after editing.
on 1483574400
Fun deck, a few glitches

I started working through this deck. The pictures and example sentences are great - it's impossible to make sense of onomatopoeia without concrete examples. The definitions are useful for pointing out that the same onomatopoeia can mean more than one thing, even if the example sentence only illustrates one usage.

I did not know about the source website (linked in the deck), so that was cool.

I found two typos in the first ten cards I worked through (stinky should be "sticky"; 木の上で, not 昨日上で). I was baffled by these at first but was able to figure out what was wrong pretty quickly. Users with less experience of Japanese should be careful, though.

Something is wonky with the display of the furigana on my computer, but that might be because I'm on a Mac. Very minor annoyance.
on 1474070400
on 1464912000
on 1454803200