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Big data in R

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Revision notes from a big data in R course. Covers things like mean, Confidence intervals, R^2, standard dev

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Front what are the options for dealing with unknown variables
Back Remove cases with unkownsfill in unkown with, mode" using correlation between variables" similar cases
Front Squared Euclidean distance is
Back Euclidean distance ((s[1]-t[1])^2+...+(s[n]-t[n])^2)^0.5Within out the Square rootingso(s[1]-t[1])^2+...+(s[n]-t[n])^2
Front How do you calculate a t-value? what does it represent?
Back t = B1/SE(B1)the higher the t value the greater the probability that B1 is accurate. It is the number of standard deviations away from 0

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