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Heisig's Remember the Kanji 1-3 w/top 2 community stories

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This is the exact same deck as "Heisig's Remember the Kanji 1-3" at the top of the list but with the top two stories from "" right in the deck, so that you don't need an internet connection and don't have to switch between Anki and your browser. If you want to see more than just the top two stories, just click on the keyword. Made using web extraction software and Franki.

Sample (from 3007 notes)

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Keyword niece
Story "Little did you know, the woman who made you climax was your niece."
Stroke count 9
Heisig number 2201
Lesson number
On-yomi テツ
Story 2 "My niece is a WOMAN now, and can make herself CLIMAX."
Keyword blow
Story "This is clearly a BLOWJOB, we can see the MOUTH and the LACK OF condom. (I am sorry for the image, but it sticks forever in your mind)."
Stroke count 7
Heisig number 467
Lesson number 18
Story 2 I keep confusing this with suck (#689). Consider someone blowing bubbles using their chewing gum because they're lacking attention in class.
Keyword donkey
Story "The team of horses is nervously asking a tiger not to eat them. ""Don't worry"", says the tiger, ""over in that paddyfield I can see my favourite dish – donkey!""."
Stroke count 26
Heisig number 2810
Lesson number
Story 2 The team of horses ran when they saw the tiger. But the stubborn donkey continued drinking from his dish in the open field. Talk about easy prey.

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Unpleasant to read through and full of mistakes
Posted on 2016-09-08

This deck has too many sexual references to the stories. The stories add very little to the reading of even a PDF version of Heisig's RTK, and this deck arrangement of RTK show a lack of clue as it relates to Heisig's subtle arrangement of material. Too much self-congratulatory time is spent criticizing the originator of this Kanji mnemonic system when it is actually the deck creators that misinterprets the keys and primitives as in the keys for Flesh, Dr., and Decameron.

I guess the deck's creators didn't factor in that I would sit down with
my daughter to go through the deck. So academically primitive.Great for mysoginist teen-agers.

2 Months, 2000 Kanji
Posted on 2016-03-09

Really powerful tool, can read newspapers with easy now. Thank you <3

Great deck but...
Posted on 2016-01-04

Some of the community stories are childish and distracting. Words like "blow job" have their place in fictional dialog or in the narration of erotica, but not in a study aid.

All the links to the forums are dead now
Posted on 2015-09-21

A great, great, trice great deck but the links leading to the forums unfortunately don't work anymore :(

How to fix the font size
Posted on 2015-04-13

Just started with this deck. Wanted to write a review so I could share with everyone a quick fix for the font size. This will make the kanji itself show up very large but the stories/English as normal/small font size. You can play around with the font size numbers to your liking. I hope this helps!

This quick fix will fix ALL of the cards by editing the card type display template, and you only have to do it once, period. (Not once for each card; doing this once fixes all of them.) Browse to the "Heisig's..." deck of cards like you are going to edit them. Click on any one of the cards to bring the information into the bottom part. Click on the "Cards..." button. In the "Back Template" window at the bottom left, paste over whatever is there:


<hr id=answer>

<span style="font-family: Mincho; font-size: 150px; ">{{Kanji}}</span><br><span style="font-family: Mincho; font-size: 15px; ">{{Story}}<br>
{{Story 2}}<br>#{{Heisig number}}<br></span>

my favourite RTK pack
Posted on 2014-12-06

my favourite RTK pack

top 2 stories is about right for me.

Stories incomplete
Posted on 2014-12-05

Nice, but there are no stories for kanji after No. 858. Only one story per kanji, not two as described. Download data seems less complete than in the examples above (e.g. "donkey"). Maybe there is an error in this file around No. 858 (tab, semicolon, or something like that)?