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[VectorMaps] Regions and prefectures of Japan

2.27MB. 0 audio & 101 images. Updated 2013-05-16.
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************************************************************************************ General VectorMaps info: - clean, high resolution maps. I find studying cards that have bad quality, pixelated images distracting. All the images are transparent PNGs, so they'll fit well with almost any background color. - consistency. Instead of using a separate zoomed-in image for each area, VectorMaps use a single image and highlight the area you're learning. That way you spend less time figuring out which part of the map you're looking at and more time actually learning. Since all cards are based on a single image, they're always the same size and have the same look and feel. The workflow is smoother because your interface doesn't shift around trying to adapt to images of different sizes. - color coding. Most geography decks I've seen use the same color to highlight the area you're studying, which is really bland and boring. Giving different colors to different areas makes study sessions a bit more pleasant to look at, and I find it also helps with memorization. All VectorMaps decks use large base images, so you may have trouble studying them on mobile devices. Anki will resize all images to fit your screen, making some small countries or areas difficult or impossible to see unless you zoom in, which can be a pain. There are helper objects like arrows and circles for all smaller countries to make them easier to see, but sometimes even they won't be enough. If you really need to use your mobile device for studying these, you could crop out a smaller part of the map for the area that's giving you trouble. It should be a pretty trivial task with any image editor, but you'll of course lose some consistency. ************************************************************************************ This deck has 101 card: 45 prefecture maps 7 region maps 2 region/prefecture maps (Okinawa and Hokkaido are considered both regions and prefectures) 47 prefecture flags All cards contain names in English, kanji and kana. The deck uses 2 tags, "prefecture" and "region". Again, since Okinawa and Hokkaido are considered both, they use both tags. I hope you find this deck useful and pleasant to use, and good luck studying :)

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Name Nagano
Kanji 長野県
Kana ながのけん
Tags Prefecture
Name Osaka
Kanji 大阪府
Kana おおさかふ
Tags Prefecture
Name Chiba
Kanji 千葉県
Kana ちばけん
Tags Prefecture

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on 1630536867
Well made deck; it’s simple and to the point.
on 1626550366
Thanks! Nice notes, very clear
on 1612324292
Very helpful, thank you.
on 1603548706
Thank you for making this!
I think that it would be nice if the images really were vectors (SVG).
on 1593421424
Great work dude.
By the way, I added audio to your deck :
Feel free to update your deck with mine and I'll take mine down if you want
on 1560234020
Very nice
on 1555515935
The deck makes up for the usually lacking part of studying the language.
on 1555494109
Very nicely made, thank you! Correct as far as I can tell, and my language partner was surprised that I had studied these. It took a few weeks to learn them, but definitely worth it (I left out the flags, though).
on 1524614400
Really great deck.
on 1523059200
This has all the right things with no extra. Well made.
on 1512604800
The maps are really good. I'm not interested in flags though so I turned off the flag cards.
on 1460764800
Top notch

This is a top notch thingy for learning the regions and prefectures. Good job. Good job.
on 1454889600
Audio Recordings

This is very good, the flag images are crisp and clear. You should consider adding audio recordings for the readings.
on 1448236800
good work

very good for learning the prefectures and their flags

now if only I could find one like this with the areas of the sengoku jidai...