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Python - Programming Idioms

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Python code snippets collected from https://www.programming-idioms.org/about#about-block-all-idioms. The deck applies Python syntax to improve the code readability. Example: ------------------------------------------------------- >More decks by pyXelr<

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Front Extract string suffixCreate string t consisting in the 5 last characters of string s
Back 1t = s[-5:]
Tags python3
Front Format date YYYY-MM-DDAssign to string x the value of fields (year, month, day) of date d, in format YYYY-MM-DD
Back 1 2 3from datetime import date d = date(2016, 9, 28) x = d.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') or:1 2 3from datetime import date d = date.today() x = d.isoformat()
Tags python3
Front Find substring positionSet i to the position of string y inside string x, if exists
Back 1i = x.find(y)
Tags python3

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