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Fleecesnatcher's NEET UG Biology

17.46MB. 0 audio & 300 images. Updated 2021-06-18.
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[MASSIVE UPDATE 1/9/21: IMAGES FULLY TAGGED] Use Addon Hierarchical tags 2 NEET biology line by line of the NCERT textbooks and diagrams up to date as of 2020 You can use it for 2021 too Check out my Chemistry in Everyday Life deck as well! Submit errata here: https://forms.gle/ehjzSxMRknUNA8h1A Leave a like down in the video https://youtu.be/ZOHJcsJDRi0 Contact me on Insta DMs or through Reddit at u/fleecesnatcher

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on 1654786168
very gud
on 1652994734
Hey awsm cards, but When i import the file, all the cards are being viewed without any organization whatsoever, are there no subfolders or is my anki buggy or smthg??
on 1651990100
organized and easy to use,but i still don't get how i can solve this chapter wise
on 1642393227
Thanks for these amazing cards sir
on 1629425273
It must've taken a lot of effort to create this deck and I appreciate it. Just wish that there were sections within the deck for different chapters because right now I'm in 11th grade and there's no option here to study just the topics I've covered. Is definitely great for grand revision purposes
Comment from author
All the cards are tagged, you just need to learn how to filter by tag and you'll be sorted
on 1625421077
ok, I didn't really expect much from this, (I am kind of biased against shared decks cause i feel like making cards in itself is a huge part of learning as well, not to mention, often the way they are organized just mess things up for me) I came to this as a last resort cause I just didn't have enough time to revise for my mock yesterday to go through my notes for a few chapters. And I am honestly so glad, I downloaded this. like you have no idea how huge of a help this was to me and the fact that it's organized with the right tags, and compiled neatly into one deck is so freaking helpful! There are some changes i had to make and i feel like certain important info from the text is still missing but that's to be expected. they are great! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Comment from author
Glad to hear! Share it with your friends as well ๐Ÿ˜‚
on 1624197573
Thank you for your hardwork
May you get what you want in your Life ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜‡
on 1624158921
wow amazing
on 1620018192
Hey! Does this deck contain cards from both 11th and 12th?
Comment from author
on 1619104380
Very good deck(except for the unorganized diagrams section) has a lot of extra important info
Comment from author
I'm actually working on tagging them right now!
[Update] Images tagged
on 1617686667
Detailed Review Ahead :
Pros :
1. Beautiful use of the image occlusion for the diagrams.
2. Covers the NCERT.
3. The person who made this worked hard and smart. [Making and Reviewing Anki Cards requires a lot of consistency]
1. Not the entire NCERT Biology. [Not a big deal for me since I made my own cards :p]
2. Lacks important information outside NCERT
Personal Note :
1. Didn't expect to see an Anki deck here which was so organised. My Anki deck was just a mess. I love this.
2. Cards are short and well made.
3. Helped me since I hate rereading NCERT and learn better by asking questions.
The strategy I used:-
1. Study Due + New Cards every day. [Due Cards set to infinity; New Cards Set to 100 per day]
2. Add cards from MCQ and NCERT which was missing. Added Screenshots from NCERT Biology for Reference.
3. Re-Reading NCERT + Doing MCQ's.
What I learnt:-
1. Anki is a great tool and it is very powerful BUT it cannot replace MCQ and reReading "Paper" NCERT.
2. I had to mix both Anki and NCERT in my routine to get the results I desire. The results were awesome [ with respect to the fact that I am an average student]
3. It is a very time-consuming process. But it yields results. [Anki SHOULD NOT REPLACE NCERT and MCQ. It should be an addition to them]
Comment from author
Thanks for the review๐Ÿ˜ I agree it doesn't have the entire textbook... I made this the week before my (twice postponed) NEET๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It does have some extra stuff but very little. If you do this a little each day it'll be great! If you do end up getting into MBBS or some other Human Health course, checkout Anking, it's a USMLE deck but it's absolutely amazing for our Indian course too
on 1615657592
on 1613994190
Thank you so much for thisโ™ฅโ™ฅ
on 1612817084
yo i accidentally deleted a card before the card abt hydra havin a network of neurons in neural control nd co ordination, will be nice if you could help me by lettin me know whatever was there on the card i deleted uwu, please and sorry <3 dope cards btw.
Comment from author
Just download the deck and import it again, it'll add the deleted cards
on 1612717770
Thanks a frickin' lot bruh.
on 1612368413
Thanks alot to whoever made this ur an angel
I never thought india mei koi use karega
Comment from author
Share with your friends as well ๐Ÿ˜‚
on 1611150835
really helpful, i do this everyday, thanks for taking the time to make this deck
Comment from author
I made the deck the week before NEET lols
on 1610544626
Hey Jason found your deck fromYT. Is giving around 2 hours daily for it suitable?
Comment from author
well, actually, it should be less than that. If you use it regularly, it should come out to about 20 mins daily. This is more than enough!
on 1610088676
Low quality work and less cards
Comment from author
Bhai almost Pura NCERT hai ๐Ÿ˜‚
Constructive criticism do na
on 1609681802
i need a help,, i just used it for the first time, i finished biological classification unit in the decks and wanted to finish diagrams as well, when i opened it, it says i already finished it when i didnt even open it before. now it says the same for every deck and idk what to do please help
Comment from author
You have exhausted the daily limit for new cards. If you want to study all the cards of a deck in one shot, click on deck, click "custom study", review X cards in random order. Put X as 1000.

Since NEET is far away, just do a little bit each day. Anki is designed for spaced repetition so depending on how difficult the card is, it will repeat it sooner later. Anki is a long term commitment!

When cramming tho, use the Custom study feature!
on 1607946539
Itโ€™s helpful
on 1605799764
on 1602083419
Great resource, but the cards come in a non linear order when studying (some from the start of the lesson and some from the end), any idea how to fix this? Again, thank you for this.
Comment from author
change settings for the deck to show cards in the order of when they were made
on 1600790555
on 1600359217