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U.S. Presidents (/w pics)

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All forty-four U.S. Presidents to date, along with portraits and years in office. Images were all obtained from Wikipedia (source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_the_United_States) and are in the public domain.

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Front 26
Name Theodore Roosevelt
Years 1901-1909
Front 20
Name James Garfield
Years 1881-1881
Front 4
Name James Madison
Years 1809-1817

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with pictures
on 1664756157
Good start, but could be much better! Currently, all you're associating is the president's # with their image (no super high-yield). Perhaps this could be turned into an Ankihub deck so that users can 1. add 1-3 key facts about each president, 2. add back and reverse card types so that we're associating names/faces/numbers/facts with each other in randomized order, and 3. Add any other "extra" info (i.e. their VP, key historical figures with whom they interacted, etc.).
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Great deck. For my copy, I added the Years to the front (ex: Washington's card reads Front: "1 | 1789-1797") and I added the two missing presidents.
on 1658603481
While it's good that it includes years of service as well as photos, there really isn't much here that could stick, beyond perhaps a vague overview of who came first.
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Amazing thank you
on 1650788625
Quá hay
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Good info
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Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you for the card set. I modified it in a way, that names and years are asked separate and back and forth.
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High specificity decks lacking personalized context are the best :)
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Very well done.
on 1607537031
Good cards, but I wish they mentioned their vice presidents, home states, and policies too.
on 1607478395
Nice deck! The pictures are helpful for the presidents I don't know much about. At the same time, this deck inspired me to learn more about some historical presidents!
on 1602603039
Is good
on 1598582838
I like that this deck does not include day and month for dates It is an unnecessary detail to remember, since I presume the main reason people use this deck is to get a broad sense of the timeline of US History or be able to associate events from a certain year with the ruling government at the time.
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Very nice and clean! Haven't verify the data, but assuming it's correct, I highly recommend this deck! Thanks to the author!
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Helped me a lot!
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I tried the following 4 decks


This Deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2087959279
importantly has 5 cards WITH photos AND good questions.

I used AwesomeTTS to add Sound for the President Name and Date served, each in new fields.

I tried each deck one at a time, the data fields are almost the same - I decided on this one because the cards were already done. You could make similar cards with the other decks :)

Thanks to the people who shared these decks!!!!
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pretty well
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