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Frozen Card: Keep cards new, No interval.

<10kB. Updated 2017-08-26. Supports both Anki 2.0.x and 2.1.x.


Frozen Card: an Anki add-on adds a deck option to deactivate Anki algorithm to keep cards new in the decks. Note: This add-on works with both Anki 2.0 and Anki 2.1 (after Beta 13) This add-on adds a deck option to deactivate Anki algorithm to keep cards new in the deck. So, Anki behaves as a simple flash card program in the deck. Anki shows a card once a session whatever answer button is pushed. After you learn each card in the deck with this option, this add-on makes or keeps it new and push it to the new card queue. When you learn all the card in a session, your learning ends. However, the new learning queue comes again when you come back to the deck list. For noobs You might use Anki with this add-on in the way you would expect. However, please learn a part of your materials with the default setting (without this add-on) comparing with the Frozen Card settings. I'm sure that you would understand how Anki works and why we love Anki. HOW TO USE How to activate Open deck option, go to [New Cards] tab and choose [Deactivate Anki algorithm (Frozen Card)]. To apply to many decks easily with Deck option group to be shared with decks. Fig. Deck Option Window How to learn all the card in the deck When you learn all the card in a deck, please make sure if the deck is affected daily limit in the deck option. Anki gets cards to learning queue within the limit (Default: 20/day). Learning randomly or in order A deck option controls to show cards randomly or in order from the deck. To switch the mode: Open deck option, go to [New Cards] tab and select the right option (Show new cards in random order /Show new cars in order added) at [Order]. How to reorder cards in the deck 1. Open Card Browser and select cards you want to re-order. 2. Chose [Edit]-[Reposition] at the Menu bar. How to apply to the existing cards in review with due Normal review at the due changes cards in the deck to new cards with this add-on. No review make them changed. To apply for all the old reviewing cards in the deck immediately: 1. Open Card Browser and select cards you make new. 2. Chose [Edit]-[Reschedule]-[Place at end of new card queue] at the Menu bar. NOTES Learning log Learning with this add-on makes no log and doesn't change the existing log. Filter deck This add-on doesn't work with filter decks. Display of the next interval The next interval above the answer buttons doesn't work. The add-on forces to keep the card new. Another Retreat This add-on is prior to Another Retreat. Changelog 2017-08-23: 0.0.1 Initial release.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1557428248
This add-on empowers the user. This effect of this add-on is definitely horrible for most users but sometimes there are special circumstances where it's useful. Thank you.
on 1556095836
This is a great add-on and it works perfectly for my purpose. I'm using Anki for speech therapy for people who have aphasia, which comes after having a stroke or brain trauma. Spaced learning does not work. The reason being is that you have to practice speaking words for many many times before you learn how to vocalize the word. Anki spaced learning system really doesn't allow that to happen in an easy way. Without this add-on, this speech therapy program would never work properly and I would not be publishing it as a free program on the web. Thank you so much!
on 1516147200
It freezes the order of the cards too: It doesn't matter if you have the 'Show new cards in random order' option enabled, with this plugin Anki will show you the frozen cards in the exact same order.
on 1510790400
This is what exactly I am looking for. I am getting tired of spaced repetition because it takes so much time repeating again and again some cards, although I keep my deck size pretty small (about 10 cards). I just want to have a normal random picking up cards for quickly reviewing, especially for larger desk sizes. Thank you very much to bring this option available.