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Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts

<10kB. Updated 2013-07-06. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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Bind 'j', 'k', 'l', ';' to card answering actions. This allows answering with right hand, keeping your thumb on SPC (default action) and other fingers on 'j', 'k', 'l', ';'. If the number of buttons is less than 4, 'l' and ';' will do the right thing - choose the maximal ease level. If you are in the "question" state (no answer is yet visible) these keys bypass the display of the answer and automatically set the ease level. So if you press ';', the note is automatically marked with the highest ease level (last button in answer state), if you press 'k' or 'l', the note is marked by the default ease level ("good"), if you press 'j', the note is marked as hard (first button). As a bonus, 'z' is bound to undo.


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1561994653
Thanks much for taking the time to do this!
on 1559952002
Very helpful!
on 1559044699
Not Working
on 1558463868
didnt work
on 1554638186
So good it should be default to anki!
on 1553674946
It really helps!
on 1545091354
A great convenient feature, thanks!
on 1543641853
V helpful
on 1541507249
Great add-on !
You can easily change the assignation of keys by modifying the code. Yet if you desire to use special characters, just as said in a previous comment, you have to add the following three lines at the beginning of the script :

import sys

And then you will be able to use é, ö and others.
on 1541088440
My favorite add-on! would be greatly appreciated if it was available for the newest anki version. i really miss the undo button
on 1539899633
Love it. Ergonomic and makes reviewing cards you know instantly a breeze.
on 1538964208
Simple, intuitive, great for right-handed users!
on 1537777825
Useful since I'm used to using j-k-l keys as shortcuts when watching youtube videos.
on 1535010126
Very useful add-on! Thank you!
on 1524873600
on 1521849600
on 1519776000
Awesome plugin. If anyone wants to use the right hand mode only I made some alterations so you can use 7, 8, 9, 4 for again, hard, good, easy, + to slip the card, - for ctrl+z, and I added I new functionality where you can comeback to the front when pressing 5 and then comeback to the back when pressing 2, so you can repeat the review instantanously inumerous times before answering with again, hard, good, etc.

def keyHandler(self, evt, _old):
key = unicode(evt.text())
if key == "-":
try:# throws an error on undo -> do -> undo pattern, otherwise works fine
elif key == "+":
elif key == "5":
elif key == "2":
elif key in ["7", "8", "9", "4",]:
cnt = mw.col.sched.answerButtons(mw.reviewer.card) # Get button count
isq = self.state == "question"
if isq:
if key == "7":
elif key == "8":
if isq:
elif key == "9":
if isq:
self._answerCard(3 if cnt >= 3 else cnt)
elif key == "4":
return _old(self, evt)
return _old(self, evt)

Reviewer._keyHandler = wrap(Reviewer._keyHandler, keyHandler, "around")
on 1517961600
For german users, scroll down and check other members tutorial. Works great.
on 1517184000
Ok. Too bad pinky (') wasn't keyed for 'Repeat Audio' (Current default is R) - then the add-on would have been 'perfect' ;)
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco
on 1515628800
Thank you! This is what I was looking for. So convenient!
on 1512691200
on 1512000000
Thank you. Seems quite handy
on 1510444800
on 1510358400
on 1505260800
on 1504483200
great customisation, but appears incompatible with anki 2.1

'invalid code, or add-on not available for your version of Anki'
on 1500508800
on 1499126400
you have made my life so easy..thank you so much. without this , i can't imagine

on 1488672000
Peu utile

Ne fonctionne pas avec le clavier japonais Google. Does not work if Google Japanese Input is used. :-(
How could I assign other keys with will not result in a character input, like F1 to F4?
on 1485820800
on 1485043200
on 1483228800
Works great!

For left-handed users, or for people who want to use flashcards with the left hand while writing with their right hand, it's possible to replace the default shortcut keys with custom keys. For example:

Tools > Add-ons > Handy_Answer_Keys_Shortcuts > Edit...

Copy the text into a text editor such as Notepad++, replace 'j' with 'r', replace "j" with "r", etc. to make the following changes:

j ==> r
k ==> e
l ==> w
; ==> q

Where 'q' is easiest and 'r' is most difficult. The commented text in the script contradicts itself, but "l" and ";" (or after the change, "w" and "q") set the question to "easy" when there are only three options.
on 1480118400
"Why The Fuck Doesn't This Already Come With Anki? - The Add-on"

This deck makes my life so much easier, instead of pressing enter then 4 . . . I just press the ";" key. Being a hardcore Anki user, I can't imagine myself without this add-on.
on 1473120000
on 1469318400
Works as advertised

My only recommendation would be to bind the 'z' to the 'i' key for undo, since having ctrl+z binded to 'z' defeats the purpose of having to use just the right hand.

(Altho it's easy enuff for the user ot make this change, just saying : )
on 1466294400
on 1463875200
on 1462320000
on 1460592000
How to remove bypass

could anyone let me know how configure this to NOT bypass "show answer" when I hit the key(s)?
on 1458950400
on 1457654400
on 1453161600
on 1448409600
Easily customizable source code, too. Thanks!
on 1445040000
on 1439942400
Simple way to reassign Review shortcuts

Since Anki doesn't ship with customizable keyboard shortcuts this add-on comes in very handy, indeed.

For those of you having trouble configuring Unicode shortcuts: You have to set the encoding of the python script to UTF8. To do this add the following three lines at the beginning of the script (right after the last #-commented line):

import sys

You should now be able to assign any Unicode key you want, Umlauts (e.g. 'ö' included).
on 1437696000
on 1428796800
Good addon, ö doesn't work

This seems to be a pretty good addon. For some reason I can't get ö to work as the 4th key with Finnish keyboard.

Would be nice if there was a small delay on the add, like 0.2s or so, that you can't go through your question. Sometimes 2-3 questions go by since the little, accidental, holding of the key goes through questions so fast.

The 'ö'-trick mentioned in other post for german keyboard didnt work. I tried all kind of codes, UTF-8, binary and whatever I could find. Nothing seemed to work for the ö-bind.

Great work otherwise, though.
on 1428624000
on 1426896000
on 1426809600

I can't live without it
on 1424390400
on 1418947200
This is very useful

This plugin works great and you can customize it easily!
on 1414800000
Extremely nice

As a new user it can be good to use the show answer - select difficulty steps. When you are more familiar with how studying in Anki works, this addon is a nice feature which allow you to focus on the stuying, by fewer keypresses and not getting distracted by the card's due times.
on 1413676800
German layout

Awesome plugin!
If anyone else has a german keyboard layout and wants to use 'ö' as the 4th key, you have to replace the 4th key (forgot what it was on the english layout) with u'\xf6'.
So then you have the lines
elif key in ["j", "k", "l", u'\xf6']:
elif key == u'\xf6':
on 1412640000
on 1410307200
Answer Key Remap "Mouse Clicks"

This add on is amazing! I'm wondering: does anyone know how to map the "1" (or "j" in this addon) key to a mouse-click?
on 1404432000
on 1388966400

*Very* handy – thanks for sharing this!

And if I may add: it would be great if you could incorporate an option to assign "Mark Note" and "Suspend Note" to a single key (as opposed to Shift + sth.).
on 1385596800
Good and easily customizable

Good and if you want to customize more functionalities just look at source code of Anki on github here: https://github.com/dae/anki ,and modifiy the plugin according to your wish.
on 1384732800

This is what I was looking for!