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GiveMeFluency.com Advanced Spanish Vocabulary with Audio

10.16MB. 293 audio & 1 images. Updated 2016-05-31.

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Advanced Spanish sentences. Contains lots of subjunctive usage. All sentences are accompanied by audio. If there are any questions, suggestions or corrections, please contact me at givemefluency.com.

Sample (from 295 notes)

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Front Honra y dinero se ganan despacio y se pierden ligero. 
Back Reputation and money are earned slowly and lost quickly. Reputation and money are hard toearn and easy to lose. 
Front De dinero y bondad, siempre la mitad. 
Back Of money and goodness, always in the middle. Your interests are better served by beingmotivated equally by goodness and money, rather than being motivated completely by one or theother. 
Front Más vale poco y bueno que mucho y malo. 
Back It is worth more little and good than much and bad. More is not always better. It is better to haveless and happiness than more and misery. 

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